Ayesha Shroff Reveals Mom Was Against Her Marriage With Jackie Shroff, She Reassured Her To Return

In an interview, Ayesha Shroff revealed why her mother opposed her marriage with iconic actor, Jackie Shroff. In addition, Ayesha had to reassure her that she would return if things won't work.


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Ayesha Shroff Reveals Mom Was Against Her Marriage With Jackie Shroff, She Reassured Her To Return

Iconic actor, Jackie Shroff needs no introduction. Owing to his bhidu-style personality, Jackie is hugely loved for his charismatic looks and onscreen presence. He is fondly called Jaggu Dada. Thus, this reason was enough for his current wife, Ayesha Shroff to fall in love with him at the mere age of 13. However, while Ayesha belonged to an affluent family, Jackie was born and brought up in the chawl. This had also become a huge problem before their marriage from Ayesha's side. However, discarding all, they tied the knot on June 5, 1987, and later were blessed with two kids, Krishna Shroff and Tiger Shroff.

When Ayesha Shroff started dating the actor, Jackie Shroff

In a recent interview with Zoom Entertainment, Ayesha Shroff revealed how she was head over heels for Jackie Shroff when they had started dating. However, her mother was completely against the relationship due to Jackie's not-so-affluent background. Moreover, Ayesha's mother heard about many bad things from their acquaintances. Thus, without an option, Ayesha had to sneak out with Jackie. She said:

“When I started dating my husband, my mother had completely banned it because he was like ‘Jaggu dada’. And then of course there are people who fill your ears and say ‘he is such a bad boy.’ So I used to sneak out and meet him.”

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Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff young

Ayesha on how she finally disclosed her wish to marry Jackie

Further, Ayesh mentioned that it was one such day when she disclosed her wish to marry Jackie to her mom. But Ayesha's mother opposed her decision to marry him due to Jackie’s financial circumstances and his reputation. Elaborating more on it, Ayesha shared: 

"And finally one day, I just told my mother ‘you know mom, he may not be the richest guy in the world, but he is the best hearted guy and he will keep me happy.’ And she said, ‘how you’re going to live there,’ because at that time we were living in Teen Batti Chawl."

Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff

Ayesha on reassuring her mother about her marriage with Jackie

In the same conversation, Ayesha also mentioned how she had to reassure her mother that she would return to her if her marriage with Jackie didn't work out. Ayesha also firmly believed that Jackie would keep her happy in their marriage. For the unversed, despite achieving success, Jackie chose to live in a chawl for a considerable period of five to six years. Ayesha added:

“So I said ‘whatever it is, it is my decision’ and I know he will keep me happy, his mom is the most loving mother-in-law I could have. So we may not be rich, but we will be happy. If there is a problem, I will come running to you, but right now I know he will keep me happy.’”

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Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff wedding pictures

When Jackie revealed Ayesha's immense love for him

Earlier, in a conversation with Simi Garewal, Jackie Shroff had talked about his wife, Ayesha Shroff’s love for him. He mentioned that Ayesh was so much in love with him that she was even ready to live together with his US-based ex-girlfriend. Jackie recalled the time when Ayesha wrote a letter to an ex-girlfriend of his, who was in the US at the time. What happened was when Jackie's ex-girlfriend went to the US and told him she would return later. In the meanwhile, Jackie met Ayesha and fell in love with her. So, when Jackie told his present wife that he was in love with this girl who was in the US, Ayesha wrote a letter to her and said once she would come back, they would live like sisters and get married to Jackie together.

Jackie Shroff  Ayesha Shroff

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