7 Awesome Ways To Plan Your Wedding At Work Without Getting Fired


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7 Awesome Ways To Plan Your Wedding At Work Without Getting Fired

Whether you believe it or not, planning your own wedding is a full-time job. But, what do you do when you are already working 9-5? Well, it is only natural that you will try to squeeze in wedding work into your schedule at office.

However when you do so, you’ve to be smart enough so that you don’t get fired. Why? Because your colleagues do watch you all the time at work.

How about taking a few fool-proof cues from some of the tips we’ve compiled for you?  

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#1. Put your lunch hour to good use

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See nobody would like you to be discussing stuff with your wedding planner or vendors during working hours. What you can do is leverage lunch hour and just head out for a quick bite and make whatever number of phone calls or coordination work you have to do. Simple, no?

#2. Coffee breaks

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Everybody needs a break from sitting at their desks and enjoying a cup of coffee or chai. We know you take them too, but how about excusing yourself from those gupshup­ sessions and managing wedding-related work. Whether it is making calls or searching some DIY ideas online, just do it then. Setting an alarm can work, so that you know when to snap out and get going to your office work.

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#3. Use your own devices

It is very easy for IT to churn out a computer log. So, if you think you’ve been overdoing wedding planning at work, you need to stop right away. Don’t break the rules and stick by the logic that when you’re at work, you must work without having to compromise on the quality of your output. What you can perhaps do is avoid using official laptop and carry your own iPad or tabs and work out your plans during and as we suggested: lunch hours.

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#4. Capitalise on your commute time

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For those of you who use public transport, it’s a boon because you can use this time. Make the to-do list for the weekend, think about who you can delegate work to in your family, and schedule your calendar to make important phone calls, mark the day you have to pick your lehenga. Utilise this time to organise yourself. It will make your life easier and keep you from thinking about it at work.

#5. Don’t share stuff on office communicator

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Your office friends who would want details about your wedding, but you have to be cautious before divulging too much, especially on office communicator. Keep things off it and instead message them on WhatsApp or FB messenger only, if they are more friends than colleagues. The best would be to catch up after work hours over a beer or coffee and talk all you want.

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#6. Reach office early

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If you drive to work then try coming to office a little early. Use that time to plan for your wedding (remember not to use official devices!) and set deadlines. The last couple of minutes can be used to plan your official work so that you’re on schedule of delivering whatever is required of you for the day. A win-win situation, no?

#7. Don’t discuss wedding at work

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Some of us are lucky to have found friends at work with whom we share or personal lives. However, you have to be watchful of your colleagues who may trick you into giving the details (can be venting out too) about your wedding. These are the people who talk behind your backs, sometimes even make fun of how excited or over-excited you’re about your wedding. Learn to be discreet.

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We hope we have been able to get you out of the dilemma of managing work and wedding planning without compromising on your work. If you do get caught, do not defend yourself. Apologise and please stay away from overdoing it at work at all cost! The need of the hour is to find your balance and we wish you do.

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