Arranged Marriage: What To Ask A Guy In First Meeting


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Arranged Marriage: What To Ask A Guy In First Meeting

Every woman looks for a man who can put butterflies in her stomach and make her feel special all the time. Well, if you are searching for that 'dream man' through an arranged marriage, you need to be extra cautious. Meeting a stranger for marriage can make anybody feel nervous. A first meeting is the most crucial time because that would make you shortlist the right one. So, it is important that you ask all the relevant questions before taking the next step. Here is a list of questions that you must ask a guy especially, if you are opting for an arranged marriage.

#1. What are his hobbies and interests?

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It is always good to figure out a person’s lifestyle and his expectation from a life partner. However, jumping on to a question like that might make the conversation a little awkward, so try to take it slow. Frame questions that would allow you to learn about his hobbies, interests and dislikes. This way you can gauge a better idea about his lifestyle, and also what kind of girl he is looking for.

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#2. Is he comfortable with a career-oriented wife?

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If you are a working woman, then you might not like to leave your job after marriage. A conservative husband or family, posing restrictions on your work might just become a recipe for an impending disaster. Many men are supportive when it comes to their wives' career, so better be sure that your future life partner is comfortable with your ambitions. But if he is not, then you have a lot more to think about before saying 'yes'!

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#3. What are his career goals and life plans?

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Marriage increases the financial and social responsibilities of a person. So, the guy should be well-organised in life to understand and bear these responsibilities with ease. You should ask him about his career goals and job profile, because his ambitions will directly affect your future as well.

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#4. What will be your responsibilities towards his family and home?

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You might be the happy-go-lucky types, but he may be a well-disciplined, no-nonsense type of a person. So, he might have same kind of expectations from his wife as well. Hence, it is best to ask him politely about what all he expects from his future wife, especially towards his family and home. This might also give you an insight whether the guy and his family are conservative or open-minded.

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#5. Is he comfortable with your responsibility towards your parents?

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From emotional support to financial help, girls want to be close to their parents even after they get married. Support and understanding are the top qualities to look for in your life partner. Make sure that the guy respects your parents and your responsibilities towards them after marriage. So, it is important for you to discuss these things beforehand.

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#6. Is he too religious or spiritual?

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Girls, it is always a good idea to get a clear understanding of your future partner and his family’s religious and spiritual beliefs. If you are an atheist, getting married into a family that is all about rituals and praying might demand a lot of adjustments from your end. So, it is best to talk to him about his family’s religious beliefs and their expectations from you.

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#7. Does he want to shift to a different city or country after marriage?

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Let’s accept it, nowadays it is not us but our jobs that decide our location. So, ask the guy about his job requirements, as it will help you to set your preferences right beforehand. Also, many a times, a guy may be living in a different city than his parents, but sooner or later he might decide to shift in with his parents. So girls, be sure whether you are ready to move to a different city with your husband or not.

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He might be good looking or financially stable, but getting a 'good looking' future is equally important, so hold onto the leash of those turbulent emotions and tread carefully. A little planning and some good questions will help you sail through this first meeting very smoothly!