Arjun Kapoor On Making Relationship Public With Malaika Arora, 'It Was Hell For Us For Many Days'

In an interview, Arjun Kapoor talked about his relationship with his girlfriend, Malaika Arora, and recalled how they had to go through hell after making it official.


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Arjun Kapoor On Making Relationship Public With Malaika Arora, 'It Was Hell For Us For Many Days'

Love doesn’t know age, financial status, colour, caste, creed or religion! It just happens at the most unexpected times. Despite the age gap of 12 years, Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have proved their love for each other every now and then. From quashing their breakup reports to vacationing together, Arjun and Malaika have become everyone’s favourite couple.

For the unversed, after keeping silent for the longest time, Malaika Arora had accepted her relationship with Arjun Kapoor on his 34th birthday. On June 26, 2019, Malaika had taken to her Instagram handle and had posted a picture with Arjun. She had captioned it as: 

“Happy birthday my crazy, insanely funny and amazing @arjunkapoor love and happiness always.”

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Malaika Arora

Now, in a conversation with the HT City, Arjun Kapoor talked about his relationship with Malaika Arora. Sharing that he has given his relationship respect, dignity and integrity, Arjun said:

“I didn’t think so much about anything else except genuinely giving the relationship respect, dignity and integrity. That’s what it should be when you love someone and care for someone. That’s pretty much been my thought process. I made peace with the fact that once you come out and you’re out there for people to see and judge, you’ve to allow a bit of breathing room for people to understand and absorb and start looking at the relationship the way you want them to.”

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor

Talking about if it has been difficult for him to conduct his relationship in public and on social media, Arjun Kapoor shared that people take their time to understand everyone's bond. He added:

“You’ve to behave a certain way and allow things to shift. It’s like shifting people’s perspective and you can only do it by being honest and earnest. I never thought of it as difficult. I just knew that it takes time, and you need patience and hold your silence and dignity to make people understand that something is just too precious for you. So, you want to give it time and nurture it.”

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Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor also shared if he and Malaika Arora had made their relationship official on social media because of the rumours. Stating that it happened organically, Arjun stated:

“The decision to come out and be open about our relationship was not something that was planned. It’s not like we spoke about it. It happened organically. As a man, I had to give space and respect to Malaika and her life decisions on whether she wants to make things public or give it more time. We knew we had to do it at some point. I think there just came a point where you kind of get tired of thinking so much about the consequences and XYZ factors. At some point, you just allow things to flow. And that’s what happened (with us).”

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun further added that they were at a point in their relationship where they were strong and steady enough to face all sorts of speculations. He added:

“We allowed things to happen after a certain point when we felt we were solid, and steady enough to face all the speculation and all the conversation that would come our way, because that would be temporary. And what we feel for each other would eventually be seen by the audience and by the people who care about us.”


Sharing that his relationship with Malaika is different for people, who have a traditional outlook towards love, and now, they have encouraged people to think that age has nothing to do with a relationship, Arjun mentioned:

“Also, you’ve to sometimes look at the positives — the fact that our relationship dynamic is unique for people who have a slightly traditional outlook to love. Today, we can stand up and say we came out and spoke about us or became a public couple to encourage the thought process that age is not something that is in the way of being in a relationship. I think it was done respectfully. We never threw it in anybody’s face. And when it happened, we just decided, ‘Okay, let’s embrace it and take the journey as it comes’.”


Arjun Kapoor also recalled the time when he and Malaika Arora had made their relationship public, and she had to face too much because of social media toxicity. Talking about the same, he shared:

“Yes, I’ve stood by her. And, she has stood by me. We stood by each other through this relationship, facing speculation, facing brickbats, facing chatter, unnecessary at times, because of social media toxicity. It was hell for us for many days. She had to face so much because of the fact that we came out in the open, but I admire her for giving me and our relationship so much dignity. Standing by Malaika never felt like it’s something extraordinary. It felt just the right thing, the most natural thing to do.”


Stating that he is humbled to be the torchbearer for those, who think that his relationship with Malaika has ended the age difference taboo, Arjun said:

“We’re glad that we were the first of our kind where we showed age is not of any consequence when you love someone. And at the same time, I think we did it in the most decent manner, and we allowed things to happen naturally, rather than shoving it in people’s faces. If we’re being called torchbearers, people who broke the ice and shattered labels, then we’re simply humbled because we just wanted to stand by love and let people see who we were with each other. We see a lot of more relationships now being a little more open and less worried about what people speculate. I’m glad that we were one of the first few couples who took away the fear and anxiety from celebrities, perhaps from coming out.”

malaika arjun

Talking about Malaika Arora, how she has changed his life, and their relationship, Arjun Kapoor stated:

“Malaika has changed me as a person by allowing me to believe in myself even more. I’ve always been someone who believes in my own self, but she helped me do that even through my weakest moments. She’s always been there, making me realise that I’m worth it. She’s made me feel that phases will pass, and these are important times when you’re going through a tricky situation in your personal and professional life. If I’ve to describe my relationship with Malaika — we’re friends, we can talk about everything, we confide in each other about a lot of things that have allowed us to make decisions — big and small ones. And I think friendship is the key for any relationship to last.”


We wish Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor a lifetime of unconditional love and happiness!

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