Arbaaz Khan Opens Up On His Equation With Ex-Wife, Malaika Arora, Says, 'Our Son Has Kept Us Bonded'

Couples can fight but parents cannot! And this perfectly fits on Arbaaz Khan and his ex-wife, Malaika Arora, who often comes together for their son. Checkout what the actor has to say about it!


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Arbaaz Khan Opens Up On His Equation With Ex-Wife, Malaika Arora, Says, 'Our Son Has Kept Us Bonded'

Gone are the days when divorce was considered a 'hush-hush' subject and divorcees were treated as defective beings. And thanks to Tinseltown couples, we have a new perspective on modern families which tells us that it is okay for couples to fight but not for parents. Now, there is no such thing as broken families and they are treated as just another family, who comes together time-to-time to celebrate each other's victories and in gloomy days. A perfect example of this is ex-couple, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora. (Recommend Read: Vinny Arora Dhoopar Shares A Dreamy Throwback Dance Wedding Picture With Hubby, Dheeraj Dhoopar)

The couple had made headlines when they chose to part ways after 18-years-of-marriage. While Arbaaz tried to mend things, Malaika was adamant on choosing her happiness over false societal notions. And as we say, rest is all a history! The ex-couple had proved that divorce is not an end of one’s life, but rather it is a dawn of a new day. It stands true for Arbaaz and Malaika as they both had found love again.

Recently, in an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, Arbaaz opened up about his family and talked about his equation with ex-wife, Malaika. The actor said, "We have been together for so many years, and shared so many memories. Most importantly we have kids together, so there’s a respect for each other. There was something that did not work between us so we got separated. However, this doesn’t mean that we will hate each other. We are mature individuals; we are dealing with it with respect and dignity." 

He further added, "I have a good equation with her side of the family too. So if we could not live amicably under one roof, we decided to lead our lives separately. Our son has kept us bonded, and when he grows up everything will be better."

Arbaaz also talked about his son, Arhaan and stated, "He is a very good son, I love the way he has handled all this. Many times at this sensitive age, children are victims of a bad influence, but he’s a very positive kid. He has excelled in studies, sports, and music. He has good habits and good friends, and that makes me feel more proud of him."

A couple of weeks ago, in an interview with the Bombay Times, Malaika had also talked about her son, and how being in a relationship doesn't make her a bad mother. She had shared, "Arbaaz and I have moved on, amicably. We have to be sensitive to our child (Arhaan) and his needs. When we parted ways, I felt vulnerable, though I am not a vulnerable person. I didn't know which direction I wanted to move into. I was just sure that I have to give my child a stable environment, and to date, it has been my number one priority. Gradually, one thing led to another and now, things are how you see them today. I have to give my son a lot of credit for that."

In an interview with Good Times, Arbaaz had talked about his divorce, and had stated, “Everything seemed fine but it crumbled. Things don’t work out, and it’s only fair that two people who want to take their life in their own hands will take that decision.”

In the same interview, Arbaaz had revealed how he still believes in marriage, “This institution has gone on for hundreds and thousands of years. It’s like if you know that you’re going to die, you won’t stop living. Of course, the times are changing, even in the past people didn’t get married.” (Don't Miss: 'Jamai Raja' Fame Sara Arfeen Khan Blessed With Twins Through C-Section, Pic And Names Inside)

Arbaaz and Malaika proved to us that it is okay to walk out of marriages if it no longer serves you! What do you think? 

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