Arbaaz Khan On His Parents, Salim Khan And Salma Khan's Equation: 'My Dad Holds My Mom's Hand...'

Arbaaz Khan opened up about his parents, Salim Khan and Salma Khan's bonding in the recent times, and revealed that they share the most beautiful phase now.


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Arbaaz Khan On His Parents, Salim Khan And Salma Khan's Equation: 'My Dad Holds My Mom's Hand...'

Eminent writer, Salim Khan’s love story with wife, Salma Khan has been every bit unique and dynamic. The duo, who got married in 1964 were living a happy life with their four children, Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail and Alvira, when by 1981, Salim Khan got married to yesteryear diva, Helen. While such a move in their happy life was unprecedented, nevertheless, they accommodated Helen and started to lead one happy family. And now, Salim Khan’s son, Arbaaz Khan revealed some unheard dynamics and equations in the Khan household.

Arbaaz Khan on the bonding his parents, Salim and Salma share now

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Arbaaz Khan opened up about the kind of bonding his parents, Salim Khan and Salma Khan share with one another. With over 59 years of togetherness, the duo have undoubtedly stayed strong both in highs and lows. Reflecting on their bonding now, Arbaaz revealed how his dad prefers to sit with his mom and hold her hand and spend hours like that. In his words:

“My dad holds my mom’s hand today and sits… so beautiful. He just keeps calling her and making her sit next to him and so it looks beautiful… all of this.”

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Arbaaz reveals how her mother, Salma Khan dealt with their father marrying again

Moving further in the interview, Arbaaz Khan spoke about the past and recalled how his mother, Salma Khan dealt with the time when Salim Khan tied the knot with Helen. He highlighted how his mother never gave up on her marriage, because she thought about all of their children’s future and happiness. Moreover, she gradually got habituated with the change, and started to accept things as it is. Arbaaz mentioned:

“It was difficult for my Mom at that point but she dealt with it in her own way because she… Whatever their reasons were to keep things going. Whether it was children or circumstances or just the fact that you felt that okay fine this has happened but now, I still need to be around this man or he felt that I still need to be around this woman. They’ve had their own struggles and we’ve seen it as kids but they’ve gone through that. They could tide through that.”


Arbaaz on how his father, Salim never imposed them to accept Helen as their mother

The Khan siblings share quite a respectable bonding with their step-mother, Helen. Although they do not refer to as their mother, but they have the utmost regard and love for her, and are always by her side. Speaking on the same lines, Arbaaz revealed how his father never imposed on him or his siblings to accept Helen. Moreover, Arbaaz credited his father’s understanding, since he realised that while all his children have a mother and a life of their own, his wife, Helen also has a respectful space of her own. Arbaaz said:

“My father never imposed Helen aunty onto us. He knew for these kids their mother is very important and I have another woman in my life but she has her own space. She too never tried to separate us. She was just happy that there was somebody in her life who was just going to be there for her and she knew that he had his own family, his wife, his kids and she didn’t want to disturb that.”

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When Salim Khan opened up on falling in love with Helen despite being married to Salma Khan

Salim Khan once graced his son, Arbaaz Khan’s chat show, The Invincibles, where he spoke about the various facets of his love. During the interaction, Salim opened up about the time when he fell in love with Helen, despite being already married to his wife, Salma Khan. Calling it an emotional accident, he mentioned that they both were young at that time, and it was totally unplanned. He even highlighted how it could have happened with someone else as well.


When Helen recalled Salma Khan going through a tough phase after she fell in love with her husband, Salim

Similarly, Helen too, in one of her previous interviews with her step-son, Arbaaz Khan, had opened up on her love story with Salim Khan, despite knowing he was already married to someone. She recalled how they crossed paths with one another during a film. Moreover, she emphasised giving Salma Khan a tough time, due to her actions. At the end, she recalled meeting Salim Khan as her fate, and emphasised how she never wanted to separate him from his family and children.


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