Arbaaz Khan Reveals Why He Calls Step-Mom, 'Helen Aunty', And How She Was Introduced To The Family

Arbaaz Khan opened up about his relationship with his second mother, Helen, and how his father, Salim Khan had introduced her to them.


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Arbaaz Khan Reveals Why He Calls Step-Mom, 'Helen Aunty', And How She Was Introduced To The Family

Arbaaz Khan shares a warm bond with his second mother, Helen. Not only he but the entire Khan family have also cordially accepted Helen as their mother and gives her the same respect. However, things were not the same initially. The Khan family was disrupted, especially Salma Khan's life, when Salim Khan introduced them to Helen as his second wife.

Recently, in an interview with ETimes, Arbaaz Khan revealed the reason why they still call Helen 'aunty'. He shared that they have been together for a long time, and share a close bond with Helen. He added that it had been many years, and they still call her aunty because that's how it is. He was quoted as saying:

"We have been together for a long time now and are very close to Helen Aunty. Actually now it's been so many years with Helen Aunty but we still call her Helen Aunty because that's how it is. But obviously she's our mother. Now she's an integral part of our lives and when it all started, we were very young. So, we were kept away from some of the drama that must have happened in my parents' life."

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Salim Khan two marriages still a happy family

Further in the interview, Arbaaz recalled how his father, Salim Khan, had introduced Helen to the family. However, his father had only asked him and his siblings to show 'the same respect' to Helen as their mother, Salma Khan. Recalling the moment Arbaaz said:

"He said, 'Dekho (see), I know that you may be on your mother's side. You may love your mother more than anything. You can probably never love her (Helen) as much as you love your mother. But one thing I expect from you is to respect her. Show her the same respect, because you have to accept that she's a part of my life. And if you have any love and regard for me, you should accept that this is the reality now.'"

Her stepson, Arbaaz Khan, recently interviewed Helen for his show, The Invincible. The legendary diva talked about her marriage with already-married Salim Khan and recalled how it was tough for Salma Khan. Helen shares a warm bond with Salim Khan and has taken her place in the hearts of his entire family.

Salim Khan two marriages still a happy family

Helen recalled how she fell in love with Salim. She shared that he had given her a role in his film, and they soon became friends. She added how Salma was super friendly to her and had gone through a tough time. She was quoted as saying:

"He (Salim) assigned me a part (in a film). We grew close, and your mother was lovely. It must have been difficult for her at the time; she must have experienced a lot. I believe that all of you are connected to me by fate, and I want to thank you all. I’ve never wanted Salim to be apart from his family."

On the work front, Abaaz's latest talk show, The Invincible, has garnered a lot of love from the audience.

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