Anurag Kashyap's Sweet Gesture For Ex-Wife, Kalki During Her Pregnancy Proves Exes Can Be Friends

Kalki Koechlin is soon going to embrace motherhood as she is expecting her first child with beau, Guy Hershberg. Her ex-husband, Anurag Kashyap’s sweet gestures for her proves exes can be friends.


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Anurag Kashyap's Sweet Gesture For Ex-Wife, Kalki During Her Pregnancy Proves Exes Can Be Friends

We live in a society which has taught us that it’s either ‘happily ever after’ or ‘never after’ and there is no midway. Once you start to fall in love with someone and imagine your life with him/her, you keep all the negative and bad thoughts far away. You want everything to be just perfect and wonderful for you two and pray for everything to be blissful. But when you fall out of love and everything starts to fall apart, it’s better to part ways than be in that relationship which doesn’t speak about your love. Earlier, divorces and separations were considered bad omens and elders' advice would always be to stick together and work out on the issues. But now, the millennials have moved on from that phase and now if they fall out of love, they prefer to part their ways than be in a loveless marriage/relationship. (Recommended Read: Javed Akhtar Shares Details About Wife, Shabana Azmi's Discharge From Hospital After 13 Days)

Sometimes, post-marriage, couples realise that they were better off as friends than husband and wife and it becomes awkward for them to be married. They prefer to part their ways and stay friends than be in a marriage which is not based on love. from Hrithik Roshan-Sussanne Khan to Arjun Rampal-Mehr Jesia, all these celebs have proved that it's better to end a marriage if there is no love left between the couples. We have spotted them partying and holidaying together and this makes us realise that they are better off as friends than married couples. And one more example of such is Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin. We have seen them sharing a lovely camaraderie among themselves and both are cordial with their present partners.

Klaki Koechlin and Anurag Kashyap

Kalki Koechlin is expecting her first child with beau, Guy Hershberg and the duo will join the bandwagon of parents. Kalki is ready to pop anytime now as she is in her 9 months of pregnancy. Kalki had shared the news of her pregnancy in September 2019 and ever since then, we have seen Anurag sharing his happiness over the news and have many times stated that he is happy for Kalki and Guy. A recent report by SpotboyE states that Anurag has been checking up on Kalki’s health often and also pays frequent visits to meet the soon-to-be mommy.

Kalki Koechlin Opens Up About Her Ex-Husband, Anurag Kashyap And Post-Divorce Life

In an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Kalki Koechlin had opened up on Anurag Kashyap's reaction on her pregnancy and had shared, "He just welcomed me to the parents’ club and told me to call if I need anything. Seeing Aaliyah (Anurag’s daughter) growing up and my own brother Oriel too, I’ve already got a glimpse into this role of a lifetime." During the same interview, Kalki had also talked about welcoming a child out of wedlock and had said, “What is this term ‘out of wedlock’? It belongs in a Shakespearean drama and not in a millennial world. Marriage can be useful for bureaucracy, but it is not a sign of love. Only time and consistency tell of a strong relationship." (Suggested Read: Kunal Kemmu Reveals How Life Changed After Daughter Inaaya's Birth, Calls It An 'Interesting Phase')

Kalki Koechlin

In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Kalki Koechlin had talked about her struggles post-divorce with Anurag Kashyap and had said, “The struggles never really end. When my ex-husband & I separated, I had to deal with the rumors. Every time I stepped out with a man, the media thought we were dating. Journalists would ask how my life was post-divorce, how was I handling my career & balancing it? Even concerned neighbours would ask my parent's such questions. But I chose to ignore it."

Kalki Koechlin

Kalki had added further, “So through all of this, I’ve learnt that the struggle is on-going. It can find you anywhere. But life goes on, you think it’s the end of the world just because something terrible happens, but you know you can deal with it. It will pass and tomorrow it will take care of itself! But it's amazing what you can get through! You sleep it off & begin again.” 


Speaking at an event, Kalki Koechlin had talked about the biggest problem in marriage and had said, “Once I got married, I was only invited to the things that Anurag was invited to. People would say, 'Call Anurag's wife'. They wouldn't say, 'call Kalki' or 'call Kalki's husband'. In marriage, a woman becomes the weaker sex, even if her husband doesn't want her to be. This happens because of the way society has built the institution. I found myself alone after a very long time. I had to fill up that empty space somehow. I didn't want to fill it up by going crazy and getting drunk, or by surrounding myself with the people. I chose the introverted version of filling up myself by spending more time at home, with the family. I'm happy I went through that journey." (Must Read: Anurag Sharma And Nandini Gupta Get Down On Their Knees To Exchange Rings On Engagement Ceremony)

Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin

We can’t wait to hear the good news of Kalki’s baby!

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