Ankita Bhargava Pens Note For Six-Month-Old Daughter, Mehr, Asks Her To Be Kind In This Unkind World

Ankita Bhargava posted a picture with her six-month-old baby girl, Mehr Patel and penned a note for her daughter. Ankita asks her daughter to be kind to herself in this unkind world.


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Ankita Bhargava Pens Note For Six-Month-Old Daughter, Mehr, Asks Her To Be Kind In This Unkind World

Every couple brings their little one into this world with a hope of giving them the best life, but looking at the current scenario, it seems like a utopia. No such universe exists where people are kind, caring and the world is safe to live in. A place where social distancing needs to be followed while masks on your faces to avoid the spread of a man-made virus. And it has left every parent worried about their kids' future. The star parents, Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava are no different when it comes to the well-being of their six-month-old daughter, Mehr Patel. (Also Read: Smriti Khanna's Little Doll, Anayka Turns Two-Months-Old, The Dotting Mommy Shares A Twinning Pic)

It was an early Christmas treat for Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava as the stork had visited them with their little bundle of happiness on December 14, 2019, and since then, their lives have been revolving around their little princess. On May 14, 2020, when Mehr Patel had turned 5-month-old, Ankita had posted a picture of her little one, adoring a collage of the family pictures on their wall. Ankita had captioned it, "Thank You For Choosing Us #5monthstoday #rabbdimehr #theychooseusforareason."

Mehr Patel

A while back, Ankita Bhargava posted a picture with her six-month-old baby girl, Mehr Patel and penned a note for her daughter. Asking her daughter to be kind to herself as the world out there isn't kind to anyone, Ankita has beautifully penned the feelings of every mother in her message to Mehr. Sharing a picture with Mehr as the mother-daughter duo gaze the outside world from their home, Ankita wrote, "Dear Daughter, This World Is Not Kind To Anyone, So Please Be Kind To Yourself! Love, Maa."

Ankita Bhargava and Mehr Patel

Before embracing parenthood for the second time in December 2019, Ankita Bhargava and Karan Patel were already parents to their fur baby, Naughty Patel, a chocolate brown Labrador born in 2015. On June 2, 2020, Ankita had posted a picture with both her babies and revealed how newborn Mehr Patel adores her Naughty bhaiya. Ankita had captioned her post as "Naughty Mehr. Cos she adores her Naughty Bhaiyya! She keeps looking for him, she keeps looking at him, she keeps cooing to him, she keeps touching his fur,She keeps smiling at his Tail, she gets excited when he sneezes... Her #bestfriend Her Naughty Bhaiyya!" (Also Read: Karan Mehra And Nisha Rawal Celebrate Son, Kavish Mehra's Third Birthday With Peppa Peg-Themed Party)

Ankita Bhargava, Mehr Patel and Naughty Patel

Ankita Bhargava had further revealed how Naughty has understood that Mehr Patel needs her more and has stopped making her feel guilty, "For all the #newmothers out there, if u have a dog at home, please give ur furbaby more #love and attention every day! Even one full min of just U and Him and lots of hugs and kisses will reassure him/her that ur still their Mamma! Naughty has adjusted to the fact that Mehr needs me more... So he doesn't make me feel guilty!Having said that, other members of the family have too stepped up by giving him EXTRAAAA TLC Ever since Mehr came into our lives... Also, being around dogs is a major #immunitybooster for #infants! Not to forget that pets also teach #children what EMPATHY is all about!"

Karan Patel, Ankita Bhargava and Mehr Karan Patel

In March 2020, Ankita Bhargava had posted a picture with Mehr Patel, cuddled in her arms and had explained how she wanted to take her little one out and show her the world but couldn't, due to the pandemic. Ankita had written, “Mera Bachha Mehr, I brought you into this world (More than Willingly) Thus it's my duty to tell you why I have locked you up within the four walls of our home! Just when we bought you a pram to show you what the world is like... The little bit of Greenery near Nani-Nana house, The Almost Blue Occasional Sky, The not so fresh air... We are keeping you indoors like there is no tomorrow! So let me tell you why I chose to add you into this maddening world. If there is chaos, there is also peace, If there is sadness, There is also Happiness, If there are Demons, There are also Angels! I believed that I will bring up my child with so much Positivity, Sensitivity, Empathy, Love, Kindness and Goodness that she will grow up and make this world a better place! #needofthehour.”

Ankita Bhargava

Ankita Bhargava had emphasised on the self-isolation and quarantine being the need of the hour back then (and even today), her note had continued, “Now, Let me go on and tell you what's actually happening. The world has come to a standstill Because ‘Nature’ has finally decided to teach us a lesson! The human race has been tearing apart the very soul of our planet! Plants, Animals, Mountains, Rivers, Forests, Less privileged human beings, Women... Everything was exploited to the T. You must know Mehr, Every act counts, GOOD or BAD! Every action has energy associated with it and We had collected so much NEGATIVE ENERGY/BAD KARMA over the past decades that now in the beginning of 2020, This new decade, THE PLANET NEEDED HEALING! The Governments are doing their bit and so are a few citizens, But It will all end only if and when we all learn what we are supposed to from this pandemic! Human race isn’t the beginning and the end of the world, This world belongs to every single living cell on this planet, Let our intelligence not make life a living hell for us... LIKE IT IS RIGHT NOW! I am positive and hopeful that when it is finally time to step out with you, This world will be little better than before. They say the dolphins are back... So that's good news right! Lots of Love, Maa.” (Also Read: Somya Seth Of 'Navya' Shares Her Suicidal Thoughts During Pregnancy, Pens How She Was Forced To Live)

Karan Patel, Ankita Bhargava and Mehr Karan Patel

All we can hope for the world to become a better place for the little ones in future!

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