Pregger, Anita Hassanandani Is Nervous And Cannot Wait For The Baby To Pop As Her Due Date Is Soon

Anita Hassanandani is feeling mixed emotions as she expects her first child in February 2021, revealed how her hubby, Rohit Reddy is preparing for the baby!


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Pregger, Anita Hassanandani Is Nervous And Cannot Wait For The Baby To Pop As Her Due Date Is Soon

The feeling of being pregnant comes with delusion. It takes a while for a couple to let the feeling sink in and accept that they will soon have a creature in their life, who will be a blend of their genes and traits. What starts with delusion becomes excitement over a period of time as the couple starts to enjoy the pregnancy phase and it is in the last trimester that nervousness hits them hard. No matter how beautiful a feeling it is to have a child of your own, the idea of going through labour pain stresses out any pregnant lady. Anita Hassanandani is feeling mixed emotions as she expects her first child in February 2021. (Also Read: Karanvir Bohra's Newborn Daughter's First Lohri Celebrations, Got A Cute Nickname From Twin Sisters)  

After weeks of speculations, Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy had confirmed their pregnancy. Anita had posted a cute video on her IG handle, which had showcased her and Rohit’s journey from being girlfriend-boyfriend to the proposal, from marriage to finally stepping towards embracing parenthood soon. Anita had captioned the video with two hearts adding up to three followed by “Love you @rohitreddygoa #gettingreadyforreddy.”

In a conversation with The Times of India, Anita Hassanandani shared how she is dealing with a surge of mixed emotions as she is in her last trimester and eagerly waiting for her first child to pop. Sharing that the due date is soon, Anita said, “I’m in my last trimester so yes, the due date is soon. I’m super excited, nervous, stressed, too many mixed emotions, but really excited and looking forward to the new phase in my life. Can’t wait for the baby to pop.”

Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy

Anita also talked about how her hubby, Rohit is preparing for the baby. From pampering her to learning basic baby things online, Anita shared that Rohit will be a great father. In her words, “Rohit is very excited as well. He has been reading a lot, he’s figuring stuff out. He’s doing all the right things, pampering me, ordering food for me.  More so, actually he’s learning things online without me even bringing it up, like he’s learning how to wrap the baby and what to do if the baby needs to burp, so he’s doing his bit and I think he’s going to be a great father.” The expecting parents have also agreed for the stem cell banking as Anita mentioned, “Rohit and me have also learnt about stem cell banking and have agreed to go ahead with it as it can take of the baby’s health in the future. I’m glad we’re doing this for our child.”

Earlier, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Anita had talked about her hubby, Rohit's behaviour towards their pregnancy and whether he is ready to be a father. The actress had revealed. "Rohit is very excited and thrilled. We already have a pet together and he is very very involved with Mowgli as well. So, as a parent, I know he will be 100% an active father. He is really looking forward to fatherhood. I think he is already so responsible, so excited, I am getting to see new sides to him. I think it is an exciting phase and we both are looking forward to it." (Don't Miss: Kareena Kapoor Shares A Photo With Hubby, Saif Ali Khan From 2007, Her Waistline Got Our Attention)

Anita had further shared that she is excited to embrace the motherhood and doesn’t mind putting on the weight that comes with it. She had said, "I was just excited to embrace it, it did not even cross my mind. Weight is the smallest thing, if you want you can lose it. Right now, I just want to enjoy this phase and embrace motherhood. I have worked all of my life and worked hard, now is the time to focus on my motherhood phase. I want to enjoy every moment. I am in no hurry. It is okay, the weight will go. When the doctor tells me that I can put on 12-15 kgs, I am like I can put on whatever is needed, because I want to relish these moments." (Recommended Read: Dipika Kakar Recycles Her Old Suit, Giving It A New Statement Look, 'Nanad', Saba Ibrahim Hails Her)


We too cannot wait for Anita Hassanandani’s baby!

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