Anil Kapoor Talks About His Pregnant Daughter, Sonam Kapoor, Says She Will Be A Perfect Mom

In a recent media interaction, Anil Kapoor talked about his daughter, Sonam Kapoor, who is now pregnant with her first child. He revealed that she is a perfectionist. Check out!


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Anil Kapoor Talks About His Pregnant Daughter, Sonam Kapoor, Says She Will Be A Perfect Mom

Anil Kapoor is going to be a grandfather soon as his daughter, Sonam Kapoor is pregnant with her first child, and the veteran actor's happiness knows no bounds. In a recent media interaction, the actor talked about how perfectionist his daughter is.

Over the years, Anil Kapoor has kept his audience entertained with his back-to-back stellar performances in hit films. But apart from being an actor, he is a loving husband to his wife, Sunita Kapoor and a doting father to his children, Sonam Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor.

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In an interview with Hindustan Times, Anil Kapoor shared his first reaction after hearing the news of his daughter, Sonam Kapoor's pregnancy. Talking further about how he knows about his daughter being a perfectionist, he revealed that she would also be a perfect mother. He said:

"I was very emotional about it and felt so happy. Sonam is a perfectionist in whatever she does. And I'm sure she would be a perfect mother, too. The way she has been — I've been to her London house, Delhi house and now her Mumbai house is also getting ready and it's absolutely beautiful and fabulous — she has taken the aesthetics from her mother and her grandmother, and of course her maasi (Kaveeta Bhambhani Singh). So, all the women in the house had that (good taste). And they all have been great mothers, great wives and homemakers, and I'm sure Sonam will also be just like that."


Going further in the conversation, Anil Kapoor also talked about his daughter, Sonam Kapoor's professional front. He shared that she would shine after delivering her baby and give exceptional performances. He said:

"All of them have always worked all the lives. My wife has always worked in America. Sonam's maasi is one of the best interior decorators, and even my mother-in-law used to work a lot. Sonam also loves working and she a very passionate actress, a passionate wife and daughter, and would be a passionate mother, too. Whatever she does, she does it with a lot of heart. She's all heart, everybody knows that. She's very generous, very giving. I'm sure she's going to do even better films after she delivers and gets back to work. She's looking forward to getting back to work very soon."

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On March 21, 2022, Anil Kapoor had taken to his Instagram handle and had shared a few pictures from his daughter, Sonam's maternity photoshoot. He had expressed his happiness in the caption and had penned a beautiful note that could be read as:

"Now preparing for the most exciting role of my life - GRANDFATHER!! Our lives will never be the same again, and couldn't be more grateful! @sonamakapoor & @anandahuja you have made us happy beyond measure with this incredible news!".



We can't wait to see Anil Kapoor as the nana.

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