Anil Kapoor On Wife, Sunita Paying His Bills When He Wasn't Financially Stable: 'We Shared The Load'

Anil Kapoor recalled a fond anecdote about his wife, Sunita Kapoor and remembered how the latter helped him financially during tough times.


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Anil Kapoor On Wife, Sunita Paying His Bills When He Wasn't Financially Stable: 'We Shared The Load'

Anil Kapoor is one of the most talented actors of his times. The evergreen artist, who has never ceased to impress everyone with his unending zeal and commitment towards work even at 67, simply exemplifies how he has been ageing like a fine wine. From amazing physical transformations to immense action sequences, Anil’s brilliant performances have been nothing less than exceptional. The actor bagged a lot of critical appreciation and applause for his two recent projects, Animal and Fighter, which have proven how truly he is a bonafide star.

Anil Kapoor recalls wifey, Sunita Kapoor helping him out during financial distress

Talking about his personal life, Anil Kapoor is married to his wifey, Sunita Kapoor and the duo is blessed with three children, Sonam Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor. In a recent interaction during an event with a leading detergent brand, Anil Kapoor talked about the aspect of sharing load in marriage. He elucidated how there was a time when he wasn’t doing financially well, and it was his wife, Sunita, who helped him. Moreover, Anil remembered the times when he used to falter in fulfilling mundane responsibilities, Sunita didn’t need to be told but she would step in to complete those. In his words:

“In my life, when I first met Sunita, 50 years ago… When I met her, obviously I was not doing very well financially. She would take care of a lot of things, and that’s how we shared the load. She stepped forward to share the load where money was concerned. It’s not only about doing household jobs. There were times when I couldn’t afford certain things, but I didn’t have to tell her. She would automatically… travelling, going out for meals, sometimes we’d go to a normal restaurant, sometimes we’d go to a slightly better restaurant when we were dating each other. Automatically, she knows that of course I don’t have the money to pay the bill. So, she quickly slips some money out of her bag, and before I can come to know, she’s already paid the bill.”

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Anil Kapoor jests how wifey, Sunita extracts revenge from him now

Moving forth in the conversation, Anil’s darling daughter, Sonam Kapoor added in her perspective to the interaction and remarked that her mother pays the bills sometimes even now. However, upon hearing this, Anil Kapoor jested how his better half doesn’t mind when it comes to exacting revenge from him, indicating how Sunita Kapoor has a penchant for overspending. Furthermore, Anil Kapoor elaborated the beautiful partnership of ‘sharing the load’ he has with his wife and stated:

“Now she’s taking revenge… That understanding has to be there between partners, friends, and especially husbands and wives. When you share the load without making it obvious, and without making the other person feel about it, that’s wonderful.”


Anil Kapoor once revealed how his father, Surinder Kapoor never helped him in his career

Earlier, in an interaction with Mid-Day, Anil Kapoor talked about the struggles he had to endure while he started off his career, despite being the son of an eminent filmmaker, Surinder Kapoor. Anil remarked that his father was an introvert by nature and wasn’t too pushy about films. Nevertheless, Anil remembered his dad’s clear cut words, as he mentioned not being able to help him in his acting career. Thus, the actor remarked being instinctive in his decisions thereupon, so that he was ready to face the challenges in the competitive field of films.

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Anil Kapoor expressed his feelings upon becoming a grandfather to Vaayu

Apart from his identity as an actor, a father and a husband, Anil Kapoor also carries the adorable identity of being the grandfather of Vaayu, who is his daughter, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s son. Previously, in an interview with ETimes, Anil retrospected his earnest feelings about this new chapter of his life and said:

“Nothing can be better than this feeling. I would like to say my dialogue – 'I feel on top of the world'. I am busy wrapping up my assignments. There's Sunita (his wife), Sonam and Anand, who are looking after the baby. I am always there by his side. It is great to see him every day. He's so small right now, let him grow up a bit."


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