Anil Kapoor And Sunita Kapoor's Love Story, From A Prank Call To The Journey Of Happily Ever After

Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor are the epitome of being a perfect couple. Check out their unique love story!


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Anil Kapoor And Sunita Kapoor's Love Story, From A Prank Call To The Journey Of Happily Ever After

Anil Kapoor is one such actor in Bollywood who appears to be ageing like a fine wine. The dashing actor with a charming personality has a perfect career in blockbuster films professionally. However, what completes him as a person is the presence of his darling wife, Sunita Kapoor, by his side always. Even after 39 years of togetherness, their love and marital relationship are as fresh and evergreen as any newly married couple. Well then, let us go down memory lane and revisit the love story of Anil and Sunita.

A prank call was their first meeting

Well, who would imagine that the first step towards their beautiful love story would be nothing but a prank call? Well, you heard it right! To begin with, at that point in time, Anil was not successful in his film career and would be struggling hard in the day to run between auditions. However, his evening time was reserved with his friends when they would chit-chat about their future possibilities and pull each other’s legs to find their ladylove at a certain time. It was one such evening when Anil’s friends gave him Sunita’s number to prank call her, who was a successful model back then. After being insisted on by his friends, Anil called Sunita and immediately fell in love with her voice. It was much later that they met each other in person at a common party, and both realised that they had found their perfect soulmates in each other.

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A long courtship period of 11 years

While for both Anil and Sunita, it was a case of love at first sight, the couple did want to take things slowly. After meeting at the party, the duo became best friends and continued to meet each other on many occasions. Gradually, as their friendship blossomed into love, the duo continued to date each other and find ways to spend more and more time with each other, amounting to 11 years.

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How Sunita used to pay for Anil’s cab fares for their dates

Another interesting anecdote from their dating period was that right from day one, Sunita stood beside Anil as his pillar of strength no matter what. When she realised that Anil was still struggling to break a leg in the film industry, she insisted on helping him as a token of her love. As the couple frequently began to meet each other on dates, Sunita helped Anil by paying the cab fare for Anil so that the additional expense of their dates would not bother him financially. She also showered him with many gifts, which created more and more memories for the couple.

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Anil’s big Bollywood break

Despite being the son of one of the eminent producers in Bollywood, his journey to establish himself as an actor in the first place was not a cakewalk. After getting frequently refused in auditions and doing a few more minor roles in theatres and the Tollywood industry, it was finally in 1983 that the actor got his big break in Bollywood with the leading role in the film, Woh Saat Din. This established Anil as an overnight sensation, and gradually many other prominent offers came his way, marking the initial steps of his successful acting career.

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Proposal for marriage and initial apprehensions

All this while, the other thing that frequented Anil’s mind was to find that golden opportunity to marry his lady love, Sunita, who had always been patiently by his side. And once he made his successful Bollywood debut, the next thing on his to-do list was to propose marriage to Sunita. Interestingly, at this point, Anil was advised by many of his good friends in the film industry not to get married so early, as it would probably end his career as an actor. Moreover, Sunita’s family members, too, were quite apprehensive about agreeing to their marriage as Anil’s career had just been stable. Finally, the duo convinced everyone and shared their earnest eagerness to get married.

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The much-awaited nuptials

Would you believe Anil had asked Sunita for marriage on a one-day notice? Well, it is true. After convincing their parents and concerned family, Anil simply asked Sunita to be with him forever and marry him the very next day. In an interview with the Humans Of Bombay many years later, Anil recalled the exact words he told Sunita just a day before they married. In his words:

“I thought now the house will come, the kitchen will come, help will come...I can get married! So I called Sunita and said, let’s get married tomorrow – it’s tomorrow or never and the next day, in the presence of about 10 people we were married.” 


Luckily, Sunita agreed to such a crazy plan in love, and the duo got married on May 19, 1984. Their wedding was a close-knit celebration attended by their immediate family members only.


Sunita’s whimsical solo-honeymoon

The funniest incident that still awaited the couple right after their marriage was when Sunita ditched her newly-wedded husband and flew off on a solo honeymoon by herself. Well, Anil had to resume work right the day after his marriage, as he was working on a tight schedule for his films. The actor was reportedly out of home for three days right after his wedding. However, when he returned home, he was utterly surprised to learn that his wife had gone on a honeymoon without him. In an interview years later, Anil spoke about this hilarious anecdote of his marital life and said:

“I went for shoot 3 days later and madam went abroad on our honeymoon, without me!"

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Anil and Sunita's life after marriage till now

Well, the happy couple achieved every milestone of their marital bliss, and their love for one another never ceased. The couple is blessed with three children, Sonam Kapoor (born in 1985), Rhea Kapoor(born in 1987) and Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor (born in 1990). Interestingly, their all three children have followed in their parents’ footsteps and have entered the glamour world in one way or the other. While Sonam and Harsh are actors, Rhea is a bonafide filmmaker and producer.



Fast forward to today, the much-in-love couple continues to charm everyone with their surreal love story. In their personal lives, while Anil is one of the most successful actors till date, Sunita has established herself as a successful entrepreneur. Along with their kids and extended family, Anil and Sunita make us believe in love once again!


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What do you think about their magical love story?

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