Amjad Khan's Son, Shadaab Khan Reveals When Producers Owed Rs. 1.25 CR To Dad, Gangster Offered Help

Popular actor, late Amjad Khan's son, Shadaab Khan recalled the time when his family was in a huge financial crisis after the demise of his father and a gangster had offered help. Check out!


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Amjad Khan's Son, Shadaab Khan Reveals When Producers Owed Rs. 1.25 CR To Dad, Gangster Offered Help

Bollywood has seen many villains, but there's undoubtedly only one 'Gabbar Singh'. His charisma and evil dialogues make him the most iconic character in Indian cinema ever. And the best person, who had played the character of 'Gabbar Singh' was the late actor, Amjad Khan in the film, Sholay. Apart from this, the actor had stolen our hearts with movies like Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Shatranj Ke Khiladi, Qurbani and many more.

For the unversed, the actor was married to his wife, Shaila, and together they have three children, Shadaab Khan, Ahlam Khan and Seemaab Khan. However, Amjad had died of a heart attack in 1992 at the age of 51. Now, in a recent interview, Shadaab revealed that after the death of their father they were dealing with a financial crisis, and his mother was offered Rs. 1 crore 25 lakhs from a gangster in the middle east.

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In a conversation with the Times of India, Amjad Khan's son, Shadaab mentioned that his father used to lend money to needy producers but had never asked them to repay the money. And when the actor passed away, his family had owned 1.25 crores from the producers, but no one had come forward to pay them. Hence, Amjad's family was going through a challenging financial crisis phase. In Shadaab's words:

"My father had a habit of helping people and letting go of a lot of money. Producers came home and told him sob stories, promising him the keys to their homes. He saw through them but didn't care about the money. He had even kept his money with friends and not banks. When he passed away, producers owed him Rs. 1 crore 25 lakh. But nobody from that lot came forward to pay up. A few people had taken loans from him and a handful of those returned it. But imagine how much money we lost that was ours!"


In the same interview, Shadaab shared that after a few months of his dad, Amjad's demise, a gangster from the middle east had offered them a hefty sum of Rs. 1,25 crores to help them financially. However, his mother, Shaila had refused to take the money. He said:

"About four months after my dad passed away, a gangster from the Middle East called and wanted to speak to my mother. He told her that he had heard from unconfirmed sources that the industry owed her (late) husband Rs. 1 crore 25 lakh; he further said that he would give her that amount in 3 days because her husband was a good man. My mother flatly refused, saying that her husband never took favours from the underworld." 

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Further going into the conversation, Shadaab revealed how his mother, Shaila has been the pillar of strength for him and his sister, Ahlam. Mentioning if Shaila had not been strong at that time, they would have been on the streets, he said:

"My mother put the lives of Seemab and my sister Ahlam back on track. If she hadn't been strong at that time, we would have been on the streets. She got into the construction business."


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