Imtiaz Ali Reveals Chamkila And Gurmail Had Another Child After Amarjot Gave Birth To Jaiman

In a recent interview, Imtiaz Ali stated that Amar Singh Chamkila was six years younger than his first wife, Gurmail, and they had another child after Amarjot gave birth to Jaiman.


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Imtiaz Ali Reveals Chamkila And Gurmail Had Another Child After Amarjot Gave Birth To Jaiman

Amar Singh Chamkila has been a topic of discussion since the time Imtiaz Ali brought his life to light with his movie. Parineeti Chopra and Diljit Dosanjh played the lead roles in the movie and won everyone's hearts with their craft. For the unversed, Amar Singh Chamkila was a famous Punjabi singer, whose out-of-the-box lyrics, high vocals, and creativity carved a space in the hearts of music fanatics back in the '80s. However, Chamkila and his second wife, Amarjot were killed back in 1988, and the reason behind the same is still under covers. Although Imtiaz Ali portrayed much of Chamkila's life, there was an interesting part that he could not show in the movie. And now, the talented filmmaker opened up about the same.

Imtiaz Ali shares Amarjot and Chamkila's son, Jaiman calls the singer's first wife, Gurmail 'Mummy ji'

In a recent interview with News18 Showsha, Imtiaz Ali opened up about Amar Singh Chamkila's personal life. The filmmaker mentioned that both of Chamkila's families were present at the screening of the movie. For the unversed, Chamkila was married twice. His first marriage was with Gurmail Kaur, and the second wedding was with Amarjot. 

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However, talking about the same, Imtiaz mentioned that he had two of the families who wanted to click photos with him separately, but he told everyone to click photos together. The filmmaker also added that Amarjot and Chamkila's son, Jaiman calls Gurmail 'mummy ji'. Sharing that all of the family members stick together, Imtiaz stated:

"Amarjot and Gurmail’s families were there and were trying to take pictures with me separately. But I told them ki ek picture saath mein lo. Jaiman calls Gurmail mummy ji. Things happen in life, but if they all can stick together, it’s always good."


Imtiaz Ali shares that Chamkila had another child with Gurmail after Jaman's birth

Going further in the interview, Imtiaz Ali shared that after the birth of Chamkila and Amarjot's son, Jaiman, the singer also had a baby with his first wife, Gurmail. He also added that the filmmaker had a recording of this particular scene, and he had even written a scene on the same but couldn't show it in the film because it somewhat felt a bit less relevant. Imtiaz shared:

“He had another child with Gurmail after having a child with Amarjot. The circumstance of that has been explained to me by Chamkila’s sister. I’ve it on record and I had written a scene about it also but had to cut it down because it was somehow a bit less relevant than the ones that were already there."

Imtiaz Ali shares that Chamkila was younger than his first wife, Gurmail

In the same interview, Imtiaz Ali stated that Chamkila was six years younger than Gurmail Kaur. Talking about Chamkila's wedding with Gurmail, Imtiaz stated that the singer got a bicycle after getting married to his first wife and then travelled back home on it. Imtiaz shared that they took turns, and Chamkila was mostly in the backseat as he was less than 16 years old back then. Imtiaz shared:

"There are a lot of interesting stuff that happened in their lives. Chamkila was six years younger than Gurmail. When they got married, he got a bicycle. After the wedding, they cycled back home with Chamkila being the pillion rider for most part of the journey. They took turns but he mostly sat in the backseat because he was less than 16 years old."

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Amarjot and Chamkila's son, Jaiman is in touch with the singer's first family

For the unversed, Amarjot and Chamkila's son, Jaiman followed in his father's footsteps and he is also a singer. In an old interview with Cine Punjabi, Jaiman stated that he is in touch with his father's first wife, Gurmail, and their two daughters, Amandeep Kaur and Kamaldeep Kaur. 

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