When Akshaye Khanna Admitted He Became An Actor Because Of Dad Vinod Khanna And Failure In Academics

Once in an interview with a leading news portal, Akshaye Khanna had admitted that he had become an actor because of his father, late Vinod Khanna and had no interest in academics. Find out!


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When Akshaye Khanna Admitted He Became An Actor Because Of Dad Vinod Khanna And Failure In Academics

Indian actor, Akshaye Khanna was born on March 28, 1975, and is the son of legendary actor, late Vinod Khanna and is also the younger brother of renowned actor, Rahul Khanna. The actor had made his acting debut in the Hindi film industry with the film, Himalay Putra in 1997. After which, his role as 'Lt. Dharamvir Singh Bhan' in Border had taken his career to great heights. In his successful career, Akshaye had given numerous blockbuster films like Taal, Dil Chahta Hai, Humraaz, Hungama, Hulchul, Race, No Problem, Dahek, Deewangee, Gandhi, My Father, Ittefaq, Section 375, and the list goes on.

Everyone is aware of the fact that Akshaye Khanna is an extremely private person, who doesn't like sharing things about his personal life with either his colleagues or his fans. However, on a rare occasion, he had once opened up about the reasons behind his decision of becoming an actor, and it is simply unmissable.

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In an interview with The Times Of India, Akshaye Khanna had opened up about the reason behind becoming an actor in the Hindi film industry. The actor had explained that there were two major reasons responsible for his entry into the showbiz industry. Citing the first reason, he had revealed that because his father, late Vinod Khanna, was an established actor, he was also introduced to the film industry at quite an early age and hence, he had decided to follow his father's footsteps. The second reason was the fact that Akshaye was never good in academics and had no major passion to follow as a career. He had said:

"I have always wanted to be an actor and that was because my father was one. I was introduced to Bollywood early on. But mostly, it was because I didn't have many options. I was never academically good; I was a below average student. I never had any other interests that I could pursue as a career. Acting was the only thing I knew I would be happy doing."

Vinod Khanna with son Akshaye Khanna

In an interview with the Mid-Day, Section 375 actor, Akshaye Khanna had talked about his late father, Vinod Khanna's life-changing decision to take sanyaas and leave his family. The actor had revealed that when his father had taken that decision, he was only a five-year-old kid, who couldn't understand what it was all about. He had said:

"To not only leave his family but to take 'sanyaas' (renunciation). Sanyaas means giving up your life in totality — family is [only] a part of it. It's a life-changing decision, which he felt that he needed to take at the time. As a five-year-old, it was impossible [for me] to understand it. I can understand it now."

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When Akshaye Khanna Talked About Dad, Vinod Khanna's Decision Of Leaving Them To Take 'Sanyaas'

Going further in his interview, Akshaye Khanna had also revealed that when his father, late Vinod Khanna, had decided to come back to his family. Although all the family members had appreciated Vinod Khanna's return to his family, there's no denying the fact that it was an extremely complicated situation. Recalling the same, Akshaye had retorted:

"A very basic fault-line/ earthquake has to occur within oneself to make that decision. But also stick by it. One can make the decision and say this doesn't suit me — let's go back. It was just the fact that the commune was disbanded, destroyed, and everybody had to find their way. That's when he came back."

Rare Photo Of Vinod Khanna Playing With His Kids, Akshaye Khanna And Rahul Khanna At The Beach

The celebrity brothers, Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna are Vinod Khanna's sons from his first marriage with Geetanjali Khanna.

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