While Piyush Is In Jail, His Estranged Wife Leaves Home As Bad Memories With Him Haunt Her


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While Piyush Is In Jail, His Estranged Wife Leaves Home As Bad Memories With Him Haunt Her

Like the way relationships and the couple entering the doubles’ club create the buzz in Bollywood and telly land, the same happens with divorces and break-ups. But there are times when these divorces and the stories associated with it take a dirty shape.

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Piyush Sahdev Akangsha Rawat

One such TV celeb couple whose relationship and their stories have taken that turn is none other than Beyhadh fame, Piyush Sahdev and Solaah Singhaar fame actress, Akangsha Rawat.

The couple was reported to have parted ways just a few months ago and to confirm the news, this is what Piyush was quoted as saying to the Indian Express then:

“Yes, we have been staying separately for some time now and are also heading for a divorce. Since the case is sub-judice, we are not allowed to speak about it. I don’t want to get into any more details as of now.”

Akangsha Rawat And Piyush Sahdev To Divorce Each Other

Recently, even Akangsha took to her official Facebook handle and posted a long post which said:

“When a married/separated man lies to a single girl, I am already divorced or that my divorce is filed or paints a really ugly picture of his wife, for obvious reasons, it's a good idea for the girl or her family to ask him to show the court case papers! It can save many naive innocent girls from getting used, abused and hurt. What's shocking is that just to sleep with girls, such people even lie to media about their marital status or the divorce case being in process, while in reality nothing is filed. To make it more convincing, this womaniser also involves his family and friends who for god knows what reason, support such a crime.”

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She went on and said:

"If I know my brother or friend has been cheating on his wife since day one and is now playing the same game with many women, why would I support it??? Unless I am doing the same...Not directing it to any one person but recently so any such cases have come up, that I felt the need to share this.”

Now the latest news is actor Piyush’s estranged wife, Akangsha reacted on the arrest of her estranged husband (November 22, 2017) on the charges of allegedly raping a 23- year-old model.

Akangsha Rawat And Piyush Sahdev To Divorce

When Akangsha was asked about this arrest by a leading tabloid, this is what she said:

"I don't want to comment on whether he has or hasn't done it. I don't want to say anything out of place. I don't want to get entangled in this."

Piyush's Sister Meher Vij

On the same, Piyush’s sister and noted actress who played the role of Zaira Wasim’s mom in the film, Secret Superstar, Meher Vij was asked, this is what she mentioned:

"You know I haven't been able to get in touch with my father so I too do not know anything about this news. Actually, Piyush and I haven't been in touch at all ever since he got married. His wife had some issues so I chose to back off. Whatever contact we have had, has been only through our father ever since then."

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Piyush Sahdev Akangsha Rawat

To this, Akangsha retorted about sister-in-law Meher:

"The family was dysfunctional. Meher, according to Piyush always kept a distance. To say that I was the reason for their falling apart is shocking."

She went on saying:

“Meher wants to distance herself from the issue.”

 Piyush Sahdev Elder Brother, Gireesh Sahdev and Sister Meher Vij

As per the speculations post his arrest, it is also revealed that he had been estranged from his elder brother, Gireesh Sahdev and sister Meher Vij since years now. Both the siblings mentioned that he has been aloof post- marriage with Akangsha. 

Piyush Sahdev Akangsha Rawat

In a statement to a leading daily, this is what Akangsha said:

“Piyush and Gireesh were already estranged when I first met Piyush. It is sad that they have targeted me. When I met Piyush in 2011, he told me that he is estranged from his brother, Gireesh since years. They had a physical fight over Gireesh’s wife. Piyush also shared how Meher always ignored him, meeting only occasionally when really needed. I patched them up before our marriage in 2012.” 

She further went on saying:

 “There was always animosity between them. The proof is their social media pages. If you check their Facebook or Insta, you will not find any pictures of Gireesh and Piyush together in 2010 or before that. There are hardly any pics with Meher. So, now in the midst of this huge controversy why am I being blamed? How am I related to this case?”

Piyush Sahdev's Brother Gireesh

In Piyush's case, this is what a celebrated name in the entertainment industry and his brother, Gireesh said:

“It was only two months after Piyush’s marriage with Akangsha that he felt uncomfortable talking to us. We hence decided to let him live the way he wants as long as he is happy. It has been a long time that we haven’t been in touch and it was only a few months back that I got in touch with him after learning that he is facing some problems. He used to come to my place spend time but we never had personal conversations of what is going on life.

He further said:

"He used to talk about his work and we used to suggest the best for each other’s career. As far as the case is concerned, I completely believe that my brother can never do something so immoral. I also have complete faith in the Indian judiciary that justice will be served.”

Piyush Sahdev Akangsha Rawat

As per the speculations, it is said that Piyush was also in a live-in relationship with the accuser. When asked to Akangsha if she knows anything about this, she said:

"Hell will break loose" if she opens her mouth. She stated, "My lawyers have asked me not to reveal much on this. I don't want to comment on his live-in relationship."

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While their exact reason for partying ways is still going kaput, in one of the earlier interviews, this is what Piyush commented on their separation:

"Our reason for parting ways now is that we both think very differently. Our lifestyle and ways of living are really different. We've always had problems because of this and were about to separate earlier but then eventually got back together thinking we'll cope up but now we're utterly sure that we can't spend the rest of our lives this way."

Piyush Sahdev Akangsha Rawat

While the actor is still behind the bars in Arthur Road Jail, Akangsha was has been staying in the same house, which she used to share with him. And now, the latest buzz is that the actress is soon moving out of the house. A friend close to her told SpotboyE:

“Akangsha plans to move out soon. The bad memories are making it impossible for her to stay.”

The source further revealed:

“She has sold everything that reminds her of Piyush – from the furniture to the wall hangings, she has gotten rid of things they bought together. She wants to erase Piyush from her mind as much as possible.”

For the ones who don’t know, the couple tied the knot on June 25, 2012, and after five years of marital bliss, they parted ways. The reports were proven true when the actress went on record to talk about her shifting to South Africa and then the following reports in which the actor has moved on with a girl from the creative team of Beyhadh.

Well,  whatever be the end result, we wish the two of them to stay happy in their respective lives and to end the blame game. Do let us know what you feel about them in the comments section below. And stay tuned to know more about your favourite celebs from the glamour dunia.

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