After Mumtaz's Jibe On Zeenat Aman's Marriage Over 'Live-In' Remark, The Latter Replies Back Sassily

Zeenat Aman gives a sassy response to Mumtaz, after the latter took a dig on her marriage over the former's live-in relationship advice.


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After Mumtaz's Jibe On Zeenat Aman's Marriage Over 'Live-In' Remark, The Latter Replies Back Sassily

Veteran actresses, Zeenat Aman and Mumtaz have been grabbing headlines for the past couple of days, ever since the former dropped a note that advised young couples to try out live-in relationships before getting into marriage. Shortly after, it was Mumtaz who openly challenged such a comment made by her contemporary and even took a jibe at Zeenat’s troubled marriage with Mazhar Khan, proclaiming how she should be the last person to give relationship advice. And now, Zeenat Aman gives a sassy response to Mumtaz’s criticism over her marriage.

Zeenat Aman hits back at Mumtaz for taking a jibe at former’s marriage

After Mumtaz remarked how Zeenat Aman’s marriage was a ‘living hell’ over the latter’s relationship advice on social media, the Satyam Shivam Sundaram-actress responded to the same with a sassy statement. Zeenat set the record straight and proclaimed that everyone has a right to their own opinions. Moreover, she remarked how she would never indulge in tearing down the personal lives of her colleagues publicly, even though the others might decide to do so in her case. Zeenat added:

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I’ve never been one to comment on others personal lives or tear down my colleagues, and I’m not going to start now."

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Mumtaz took a jibe over Zeenat Aman’s failed marriage over latter’s advice for ‘live-in’

Earlier, Mumtaz hit back at Zeenat Aman for her advice in favour of having a live-in relationship before marriage. The former stated that one cannot guarantee the success of a relationship later on in marriage, even if the couple has lived together previously. Moreover, Mumtaz remarked how such a practice goes against the cultures and value systems of our country. Furthermore, she even took the example of Zeenat Aman’s troublesome marriage with Mazhar Khan and corroborated how she shouldn’t roll out on relationship advice ever. Mumtaz said:

“If girls adopt the live-in culture, marriage as an institution will become obsolete. Tell me honestly, would you marry your son to a girl whom you know to have been in a live-in relationship? Aap Zeenat ko hi le lo misaal ke taur par…She knew Mazhar Khan for years before marrying him. Her marriage was a living hell. She should be the last person doling out advice on relationships.”


Zeenat once regretted marrying Mazhar Khan by going against all odds

Zeenat Aman’s marriage with Mazhar Khan was far from being peaceful, and it was extremely troublesome. Previously, in an interview with Simi Garewal on her show, Rendezvous, the actress remarked how she couldn’t fathom the 12 years of her life into her marriage. She revealed how much she regretted getting married to Mazhar Khan which was a rash decision she took by going against everyone’s will.

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When Zeenat Aman gave a dating advice to young women

Earlier, in a conversation with Kusha Kapila on the show, Swipe Ride, Zeenat Aman shared some insightful dating advice for young women. The lady superstar shared how a woman must take her own time to judge a guy and not jump into bed straightaway. In her words:

‘I am really sorry to have to say this but I think young people should just hold on to their physical selves. Don’t jump into the bed with the guy right away. Wait to know each other. You yourself are very precious. Don’t fritter it away, don’t throw it away.”


What do you think about Zeenat Aman’s remark? Let us know.

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