Mumtaz Says She Didn't Want To Wear Bikini On-Screen, Reveals Which Actor Influenced Her Decision

Recently, Mumtaz shared having apprehensions about wearing a bikini on-screen. However, one of her co-stars promised her something, so she got ready to shoot wearing it.


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Mumtaz Says She Didn't Want To Wear Bikini On-Screen, Reveals Which Actor Influenced Her Decision

Veteran actress, Mumtaz needs no introduction. She was one of the most talented actresses in the '80s era of Bollywood. She has not only set the inspiration for young actresses with her mesmerising acting sense and beauty, but her fashion sense and dancing skills also caused a stir back then. However, Mumtaz, also had her share of apprehensions. Among these, one of them was wearing a two-piece swimsuit on-screen. Later, one of her co-stars changed her mindset, and we could get a glimpse of the beauty wearing a bikini on-screen.

Mumtaz reveals how she was convinced to wear a bikini in Apradh

Mumtaz wore a two-piece swimsuit in the 1972 film, Apradh, co-starring Feroze Khan. However, during the 70s-80s, wearing beachwear on-screen was considered a bold move. Thus, Mumtaz too had apprehensions for the same. Now, in an interview with Zoom, Mumtaz revealed that it was her co-star, Feroze Khan who convinced her to shoot the same. She said:

“I was one of the top heroines… I could afford to say (no), ‘Mujhe nahin pehena hai bikini.‘ I didn’t want to wear a bikini, but I said yes only because of Feroze Khan. He promised me that he would edit out the scene if I didn’t like it.”

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In the same conversation, Mumtaz mentioned that she had almost backed out of the scene due to self-consciousness about her heavy Iranian thighs. However, after seeing the final cut, the actress was surprised herself by watching it. She shared that after watching herself, she became confident, and the rest became history. She shared:

“I wore a bikini for Feroz Khan. I didn’t have confidence but he had confidence in me. I had a complex about my typical heavy Iranian thighs. He promised me, ‘Agar tujhe accha nahin laga toh main hata doonga‘ (I will delete the scene if you disapprove of it). I knew I could trust him. If he promised me that he would cut the seen if I disapproved of it, I was sure he would not betray me. When I saw the scene, I felt that I was looking very nice. Later, I was approached by many producers with roles that demanded that I don the outfit, but I said no. Never wore a bikini after that.”

Earlier, talking about the same in an interview published in SpotBoye, Mumtaz shared how earlier actresses had to think several times before wearing revealing clothes on-screen. Thus, wearing a swimsuit was considered a very big deal then, unlike nowadays, when actresses are free to wear whatever they feel like. She stated:

“Everything has changed so much. Today’s heroines are so bold. We never used to wear such revealing clothes. Doesn’t a woman look glamorous even in a saree if it is worn a bit low?”

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Mumtaz once recalled being labelled as a B-grade actor until she worked with Dilip Kumar

In an interaction with Dawn News, Mumtaz once opened up about the phase of her career when she was labelled as a B-grade actress. She revealed that she got such a tag since she did a lot of small roles. Mumtaz also remarked that her start in the film industry was wrong. Elaborating on how she was freed from the label after working with Dilip Kumar, Mumtaz said that he had mentioned that the girl was nice after getting a brief introduction about her. Soon, he agreed, which forever changed Mumtaz's perception.


What do you think about Mumtaz's revelations regarding her apprehensions about wearing a bikini? Let us know!

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