Mohit Malik's Wife, Aditi Malik Reveals His Reaction When He Held Their Baby For The First Time

Television actress, Aditi Malik talked about her husband, Mohit Malik's priceless reaction when he saw their newborn baby for the first time in her latest interview. Find out!


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Mohit Malik's Wife, Aditi Malik Reveals His Reaction When He Held Their Baby For The First Time

Television couple, Mohit Malik and Aditi Shirwaikar Malik are enjoying the happiest phase of their life with the arrival of their baby boy. Now, in an interview, Aditi has talked about the moment she and her husband, Mohit, had seen their newborn baby for the first time. The actress revealed it all in her candid conversation, and it's anything but priceless! For the unversed, it was on April 30, 2021, when Aditi Malik and Mohit Malik had announced the birth of their little prince.

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Taking to their respective Instagram handles, Aditi Malik and her husband, Mohit Malik had thanked the universe for sending them the beautiful blessing. They had written, "Dear Universe, Thank you for this blessing! Thank you for these midnight cries and all that comes with it, because we truly feel lucky to welcome our little baby boy into our world of love! He's Here, and He's Truly Magic. From 2 to 3, Happily Ever After… Yours Truly, Parents of #BabyMalik Mohit & Addite."

Mohit Malik

In an interview with ETimes TV, Aditi Malik opened up about the priceless moment when her husband, Mohit Malik, had seen and held their newborn baby for the first time and the kind of emotions he had felt at that time. The doting wife stated that Mohit was praying for a baby girl, but the moment he had seen the baby, all those feelings of a girl or a boy had disappeared instantly. She explained, "Mohit was sure that it's a girl because he so wanted a girl. But when the doctors and nurses actually got the baby and gave it to him, he said the thought of a girl or boy just disappeared." Aditi added that he had gotten numb. He added, "He was completely numb, and he just couldn't understand when they gave it to him and what they were saying and when they took the baby away from him also."

Aditi Malik

Going further in her revelation, Aditi Malik also shared a beautiful insight about that memorable moment and stated that the doctor informed her that Mohit had started crying after seeing the baby. Aditi said, "The doctor, who took the baby to Mohit outside, came inside the OT and shared that your husband is so cute, he is crying. I was crying inside and he was weeping outside." The actress also revealed what Mohit had told her about that priceless moment. Aditi added, "Mohit told me the feeling was so beautiful when I first saw the baby that I forgot about the gender."

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Aditi Malik

When Aditi Malik was asked about her husband, Mohit Malik's connection with their baby boy, the delighted actress revealed that more than her, it is her husband who is their baby's mumma. Explaining the same, Aditi said that whenever she says the word, baba, the little munchkin starts looking everywhere for him. She said, "Mohit was away for two hours and I was worried how I would manage. More than me I feel Mohit is our baby's mamma. Our baby, whenever I say Baba he starts looking for him. Imagine he is just 9-days-old and he knows Mohit's smell so well. I was worried that for the first time Mohit is going out, what if the baby needs him."

Aditi Malik

At the end of her heart-to-heart conversation, Aditi Malik opened up about the first thing her newborn baby did when doctors had brought him to her for the first time. The actress revealed that it was a magical moment and an unforgettable one. She revealed, "When they got him close to me the first thing he did was he just bit my lips. He put his lip on my lip and I just started crying, the doctors had to actually console me. They decided to give him to the father because I was so emotional. It was an emotion which I can't express, it was like he was inside me and suddenly he came out. It was magical, beautiful and I cannot put it in words."

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