Abhishek Bachchan Reveals The Best Gift That Wife, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Gave Him While Dating

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are couple goals. In a recent interview, the former talked about the best surprise that his wife, Aishwarya gave him.


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Abhishek Bachchan Reveals The Best Gift That Wife, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Gave Him While Dating

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan are a source of inspiration to millions of people. And, though Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is three years older to Abhishek Bachchan, the age gap never became a problem between the two. In fact, their bond grew stronger with the passing of years. Today, after 14 years of togetherness, they both still love each other immensely, and never leave any chance of showing their love for each other.

No one knows how love had blossomed between Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. But there are many reports that say that the sparks of love had ignited between the two on the sets while shooting for the item song, Kajra Re. However, it was in 2006-2007, when they had got a lot of time to spend together as they were shooting three films, Umrao Jaan, Guru and Dhoom 2. And eventually, the two had fallen madly in love with each other.

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aishwarya rai and abhishek bachchan

In a recent interview with Ranveer Allahbadia on his show, The Ranveer Show, Abhishek Bachchan took a trip down the memory lane and recalled the days when he and his then-girlfriend-now-wife, Aishwarya Rai, were dating. The doting husband revealed that he is a die-hard fan of the American singer-rapper, Nelly, and his favourite song is Nelly's Dilemma, released in 2002. Talking further about the song, Abhishek Bachchan said that it is his and Aishwarya's song and also revealed about the one time when his wife, Aishwarya, went out of her way to surprise him. He said:

“You know what she did for me once? We were dating and she got me a present. She got Nelly to autograph his mic. It's on my table. It's awesome." 

aishwarya rai and abhishek bachchan

Abhishek further revealed that he still cherishes that autograph and has preserved it like a treasure. The Bob Biswas actor also recalled the time when he had got the opportunity to sing with his favourite singer-rapper, Nelly. He shared:

“I did this track with my dear, dear friend Raghav, an Indian-Canadian singer. So Raghav approached me and said, ‘Hey I am doing this song, you got to do it. It’s called Until The Sun Comes Up. And oh, by the way, Nelly's on it.' I was like, ‘Let’s do this man! Come on it's Nelly'.”

aishwarya rai and abhishek bachchan

A few days back, in a conversation with RJ Siddharth Kannan, Abhishek Bachchan had revealed how his wife, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, had lifted an emotional weight off his shoulder by taking the responsibility of taking care of their daughter, Aaradhya Bachchan. The doting husband had added that Aishwarya had 'allowed' him to resume acting freely even when she had the right to ask him to share the responsibility of their daughter. Moreover, Abhishek had also expressed his gratitude to all the mothers who do the same for their husbands.

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aishwarya rai and abhishek bachchan

In an old interview with Vogue magazine, Abhishek was asked to share the secret behind his happy marital life with Aishwarya. The doting husband had revealed that even if they have arguments every day, they have a healthy relationship. He had also said that it was him and not Aishwarya, who makes up after a fight. Talking about the same, he had shared:

“We fight every day. But they’re more like disagreements, not fights. They’re not serious, they’re healthy. It’d be really boring otherwise. Women don’t make up! But we have a rule—we don’t sleep on a fight. And in defence of all men, I want to tell you, half the time the reason we give in and say sorry is because we’re just so sleepy and want to go to bed! Besides, women are the superior race, and they’re always right. The sooner men accept that, the better. It doesn’t matter what you say, even if you have concrete proof, in their world, it’s futile, it makes no sense.”

aishwarya rai and abhishek bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had welcomed their daughter, Aaradhya Bachchan, into their lives on November 16, 2011.

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