Aanchal Munjal Opens Up On Her Pilonidal Sinus: Had 13 Stitches On Hip And Couldn't Sit For 2 Months

Aanchal Munjal underwent major surgery in December 2021, and it took many months for her to get it cured completely. Read on to know her inspirational fight with Pilonidal Sinus!


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Aanchal Munjal Opens Up On Her Pilonidal Sinus: Had 13 Stitches On Hip And Couldn't Sit For 2 Months

Popular actress, Aanchal Munjal is known for her charming smile and bubbly nature. She had started her acting career as a child artist in a popular TV series, Dhoom Machaao Dhoom, in 2008. Since then, she has given one after the other stellar performances in films, and serials like We Are Family, Aarakshan, Parvarrish - Kuch Khattee Kuch Meethi, Bade Acche Lagte Hain(2013) and many others.

However, Aanchal Munjal was absent from the media radar for a longer period of time. Recently, in an interview, she opened up about the same and revealed that she had undergone major surgery and how she was coping with the difficult process. For the unversed, it was in July 2020, when she had found a small boil which kept erupting frequently and before she could understand anything, it turned into a 12-inch long, deep sinus inside her body. 

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In an interview with ETimes, Aanchal Munjal opened up about getting infected with a pilonidal sinus near the spine, tailbone and how she coped with the situation. She mentioned a drain pipe was always attached to her spinal cord, and she had to get 13 stitches on her hip. She said:

"I had surgery on 23rd December. I had a boil below my spine where the hip area starts. The drain pipe was stitched to my body 24/7 for a week while sleeping or going to the loo. In fact, once the stitch moved a little bit and the drain pipe expanded. We had to quickly rush to the emergency department of the hospital. It was actually a pilonidal sinus near the spine, tailbone. It actually started with a boil and it would come and go. There were 13 stitches on my hip, within four layers."

In the same conversation, Aanchal shared how positive psychology helped her while getting cured completely. The actress mentioned how she had been positive in every way while going through the difficult period. She added:

"I was on my back so I could not sleep or sit on my back for two months. I would eat my food standing or leaning towards my left or right side. I remember in February when my doctor first asked me to sit and told me that from now on I have to practise sitting, it felt like a luxury and an unbelievable thing. When I sat for 2 minutes and I could not. It first took me 5 minutes to just sit. The thing which I have been doing since my childhood, I couldn’t do for 2 months. I got my strength from God and my mother. We used psychology to not use negative words and to only look towards the brighter side that I will get cured. It helped me and reflected on my life. From consultation, surgery to returning home from the hospital, I took everything in a positive way. I remember when I was going for the surgery, there’s a huge Ganpati Bappa idol at the Kokilaben Hospital. I just looked at him and prayed."

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The actress also revealed what she had told her mom after the surgery. She mentioned how much her mother used to take care of her, and this was a major thing for her recovery. She concluded:

"When I came out of the surgery room, I knew something major had happened and my body has gone through a very drastic change, but I was strong enough to deal with everything. I had requested my doctor if I could go home for Christmas and he came before Christmas and told my mom to take me home. She was surprised and asked him if it would be really ok to take me home and he assured her that I am doing fine. He also told her that she is taking good care of me so there’s nothing to worry about. I would start my day by chanting mantras in the morning, singing praises of God and thank him that I was alive. My mom would feed me breakfast and with every bite she would say, my daughter is recovering. Within no time, I recovered."

Well, Aanchal's journey is indeed inspirational. What do you think? Let us know!

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