This 9-Year Old Girl Is Taking The Photography World By Storm With Her Awe-Inspiring Pictures


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This 9-Year Old Girl Is Taking The Photography World By Storm With Her Awe-Inspiring Pictures

What do you expect a 9-year old kid to do? Play with toys, run around and jump, well, what else? But what if her toy is a professional camera and the nine years old kid takes beautiful wedding pictures? Pure genius, right? Meet Regina Wyllie from Scotland, who learned to click pictures when she was just 3! Yes, we are not kidding. Her family nurtures her interest and she is now a professional photographer.

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Photography in her genes

She hails from a family of photographers and the art comes to her naturally. Her dad is a professional photographer and her elder sister is a blooming photographer too. But, there was no coercion on her to learn photography or take interest in it. Her sheer curiosity taught her photography at such a tender age.

She started showing interest at a very young age and that prompted her father to give her a lesson or two in this art.

While speaking to a leading online portal, Regina’s dad said:

"When she was 3, she asked to come along with me when I was shooting a mountain bike race. She lifted my Canon G9 compact camera from my bag and started taking some snaps. I have never forced her to shoot, or to learn anything, and prefer to wait for her to ask questions or to show me an image that she is curious about how it was shot."

She picked up her lessons so well that now she is a much sought-after photographer.

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How her professional journey began

It was a close family wedding in April this year and they insisted her to be the photographer. She readily accepted the offer. She not only fared well at her photography, but simply excelled at it. Her clients were more than happy and commented that her photographs made them teary-eyed.

After her first professional stint, there was no looking back, and she started getting assignments. She posted her work on her Instagram profile, and voila! The offers started pouring in.

A few more pictures by the young photographer:

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Her diverse snapshots

She is not just a wedding photographer; she loves to take other pictures too. This fifth grader has shot pictures for a pre-concert party of famous singer Rod Stewart. Here is a picture of the little master with the maestro.

Whoa! She met Edward Reid!

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The road ahead

If you thought that Regina would definitely be a professional photographer when she grows up, you are wrong. She herself is confused on this aspect. Earlier she wanted to be a fashion designer and keep her photography skills as her hobby and passion. But, now she is weighing her options and thinking whether she would like to make a full-fledged career out of photography or not.

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She is a live example that age is not a barrier when it comes to pursuing your dream. It just takes hard work, determination and passion to pursue what you love. Whether she chooses to become a photographer or a designer is a different story, but right now, we are just floored by her amazing talent. We wish her good luck for all her future endeavours.

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