9 Unique And Fantastic Uses Of Your Everyday Products That You Never Knew Before


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9 Unique And Fantastic Uses Of Your Everyday Products That You Never Knew Before

There are a lot of problems that almost all of us face in our everyday routine. For example, a new dress turning old after a few washes, staining a dress with some makeup product, getting terrible shoe bites due to high heels, and what not! But, you need not worry about them anymore because we are going to tell you about one place, where you will get a solution to a lot of such everyday problems. And, we are not even going to take you any far as that place is none other than your very own home!

Yes, you can solve many problems related to clothes, skin, and hair by using body care products kept in various rooms of your house. So, read on to know how:

#1. De-pill your clothes with razor

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After a few washes, certain clothes start having small fibre pills on them. And, this makes your ‘not so old’ dress look really old. But, just stop worrying as you can easily get rid of all the fuzziness by using a disposable razor. All you have to do is to spread your dress on a flat surface and carefully start shaving the pills away with the razor. Your clothes will look new again in no time.

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#2. Get happy feet with deodorant

New shoes can cause blisters sometimes, and leave you with really painful feet. But worry not, as there is a solution for this too. Take your roll-on deodorant, rub it on the edges of your new shoes, and wear them without worrying about the shoe bites.

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#3. Make clothes wrinkle-free with hair-straightening iron

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Flat irons can not only straighten your hair, but can also de-wrinkle your clothes. So, next time if your clothing iron stops working and ditches you at the last moment, just do not panic. Simply put your wrinkled outfit in between the hair-straightening iron and it will be ironed in just a few minutes.

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#4. Make your cheeks blush with lipstick

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Did your blush get over and you realised it just before a party as you opened your makeup kit? Well, do not worry. What if the blush is not there, you certainly would be having the lipstick, right? Then, you can easily make your cheeks blush with the help of your lipstick. Just apply a stroke of lipstick on your cheeks, smudge it properly, and you are good to go.

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#5. Remove makeup stain with shaving cream

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Next time if you get makeup stain on your dress, then try to remove it with the help of shaving cream. It is an easy and quick way to remove the stains. Just take a small amount of cream on your hand, rub it on the stained area and wash it with water. And voila! Stains are gone.

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#6. Get smooth skin with conditioner

A good conditioner not only makes your tresses silky, but also makes your skin smoother when you use it while shaving your body hair. Also, shaving with a conditioner will make your skin so smooth, that you will not even need to apply body lotion once you are done.

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#7. Make bruises invisible with mouthwash

Bruise marks can take days to heal, but by rubbing mouthwash on the affected area, you can make it slightly less visible. All you have to do is, dip a cotton ball in a mouthwash having alcohol content in it, and rub it on the affected area. The bruise will not go completely, but you will lose some of that 'black and blue' in just two days!

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#8. Remove marker stain from hands with nail polish remover

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Have you got marks by permanent marker on your hands? Then use your nail polish remover to get rid of it. Just dab some remover on cotton and rub it on the mark. You will be surprised to see what wonders can your remover do.

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#9. Use coconut oil for…

Well, the coconut oil that you use for healthy hair can actually be used for many other things. For example, moisturising your hands, removing makeup, taming baby hair strands, and for making your legs feel great after shaving.

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Surprised to know how your regular products can solve so many problems without any hassle? So, next time if you face any of the above mentioned problems, you know where to find some magical products to help you!