9 Most Common Thoughts Every Indian Groom Has On His Wedding Day


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9 Most Common Thoughts Every Indian Groom Has On His Wedding Day

Lots of things have been said and written about marriages. And, in most of the cases, we get to hear or read only about the bride’s dreams, emotions, fears, concerns and what not! On the other side, the groom is usually neglected quite conveniently. But, the wedding is as life-altering for him as it is for the bride. And, even the groom has similar thoughts, ideas, worries, and a lot more going on in his mind, especially when he is just about to take the wedding vows. So, let us take a look at the thoughts every Indian groom has in his mind on his wedding day.

#1. Is she the right one?

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Well, it might be the wrong time to think so, but this thought surely comes to the minds of a lot of grooms before they enter their wedding venue. Despite taking weeks, months or even years for preparing themselves for this life-long alliance, the jitters do force the grooms to take a quick analysis of their decision for one last time.

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#2. I hope I do all the ceremonies correctly

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There are a lot of wedding rituals that a groom has to do either alone or along with his bride. Since all the focus will be on him all this while, he aims to put his best foot forward. And, as the muhurat of these rituals and ceremonies comes closer, he tends to get a bit conscious about doing everything correctly. After all, a lot of guests from the bride’s side will see him for the first time, and this is the only time to leave a good impression on them.

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#3. How much cash do I need for my saalis?

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Well, right from entering his wedding venue to going through the ritual of joota chupai, the groom has to pay a lot of cash to his saalis. While he surely would be excited to enjoy all these fun-filled rituals, he will also be thinking of the right amount to give them. After all, it has to be something that leaves everyone from the bride’s side totally impressed, and does not leave him bankrupt at the same time.

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#4. I just hope I look good

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Like the bride, it is the groom’s special day too. And, he wants to look nothing but the best on this day. Whether he wears a sherwani, a suit, or any other outfit, all he wants is to impress everyone with his perfect look and great fashion sense.

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#5. How will I manage the expenses?

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Needless to say, the financial responsibilities of a man increase after marriage. Even if his wife is earning, our societal standards consider only him to be responsible for providing financial support and security to his family. And, imagining that he is going to have such a big responsibility from the very next day, a groom tends to freak out at the last moment.

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#6. Will she be able to adjust with my family?

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Well, the traditions of different families can be similar, but they can never be the same. And, when the bride is just about to enter his life as well as home, the groom gets a little nervous about handling these differences. After all, it would be his responsibility to bridge all the gaps (if at all there would be any) between his family and his wife.

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#7. I hope I will be a good husband

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We all aim to be the best in our lives. And, when it comes to relationships, we want to be the best spouse, sibling, friend, and whatsoever role life provides us to play. Similarly, a groom always wishes to be the best husband. And, when he is just a few hours away from being called a husband, his mind is full of plans and ideas to keep his bride happy and content forever.

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#8. Will I be able to do 'it' correctly?

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While most of you might think it is worrisome only for a bride, the thought of first night after wedding is actually equally jittery for the groom. For him, it is like reintroducing himself to his partner in the new phase of life called marriage. And, he surely does not want to leave a bad impression on her by committing any mistake. So, that is how this thought arrives in his mind!

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#9. Cannot wait for the honeymoon anymore

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It is not only about the physical intimacy that he will get to enjoy with his wife on honeymoon, but also the much-needed ‘we only’ time that the wedding ceremonies do not provide to the couple at all. So, as much as he waited for the big day to arrive, he cannot stop himself from thinking about the honeymoon on the wedding day.

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Well boys, if you are yet to take plunge into matrimony, we hope you would be well-prepared to deal with all these thoughts on your wedding day. And, all the married men out there, we would want to hear from you about more such thoughts that all of you had on your wedding day, in the comments section below!

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