8 Things Your Boyfriend Is Doing Secretly Before Popping The Question To You


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8 Things Your Boyfriend Is Doing Secretly Before Popping The Question To You

The moment you are engaged, the entire world wants to know the story. ‘How did he propose?’, ‘Was it a romantic proposal’, ‘Show me the ring!!’, and many more questions are bombarded on you, as soon as the news is out.

And then, the next set of sentences- ‘Awww, you are so lucky’, ‘I knew he would propose to you’, ‘You two were meant to be together and I always had a strong intuition about it’ and so on and so forth. For some strange reason, the proposal story has now got to have really high standards for people to be impressed. Whether to show off or to genuinely melt his girl’s heart, guys need to do a lot of planning before having to propose.

But in all this, no one pays heed to all the hard work the poor guy has put into getting all this done and successfully accomplishing ’MISSION PROPOSAL’. Guys are supposed to pop the question first remains the common norm, but in reality, they are less expressive than girls. So, for all you soldiers out there, we show the world the ‘behind the scene’ action of your entire mission.

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#1. Trying to guess your choice of ring style

A guy knows that this ring is going to be on his girlfriend’s finger forever. Unless he wants to be tortured for his entire life by you about how much you disapprove of the ring’s style, colour and looks, he better find out what is in your mind. Whether you like solitaires, (in which case he needs to start saving up or take up an extra job!) coloured stone rings, statement rings, round, oval or square-shaped rings etc; he should be absolutely sure of your choice. So, he secretly tries to find out the details from you, or your best friends while taking them into confidence.

#2. Secretly finding ways to get your ring size

It is obvious that he cannot ask you about your ring size directly because that would mean him directly telling you that he is going to propose. So he tries to sneak into your jewellery box to get a ring, tries every opportunity to get hold of your hands to somehow take the size or carefully does it while you are fast asleep. So much hard work!

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#3. Visiting jewellery stores

The next thing in his agenda is to find out the best and genuine jewellery stores in town. Duplicity is at its worst high nowadays. And when he is spending a bomb on the ring, he obviously wants to be absolutely sure of his decision. So, he begins to talk only about jewellery stores to his friends, relatives, and strangers. And he even does a lot of online research to finally choose the right jeweller.

#4. Getting your friends involved

The only people who can help him out in this top secret mission are your best friends. So, he somehow lures them into making a secret pact and puts them on the task of getting to know your likes and dislikes, your take on the perfect proposal, going along on jewellery store hunts and finally, helping in the decision making for the final ring.

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#5. Becoming an expert on diamonds

With all the physical research along with the online search for the engagement ring, your boyfriend has now become an expert in finding the perfect engagement ring. The 4 C’s- cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat of a diamond are now on his fingertips. He knows the exact way to choose a diamond and could probably take up the job of an expert on gemstones anytime soon! Just kidding!

#6. Trying to keep all this a secret

Amongst all the tension of getting to know your choice, the size of your ring finger and getting your friends involved, his major stress now is to keep all this a secret from you. Deleting text messages and call logs from his phone, hiding business cards of jewellery store owners, deleting online history of the entire search he has done on the jewellery sites, is his top priority.

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#7. Planning a romantic proposal

After all of this is done, he needs to wrack his mind to plan the perfect proposal for you. Should it be over a candlelight dinner or should it be at a party where all your friends are present? Should it be just the two of you on a long drive or should it be at the most busy street in the town for everyone to watch? Knowing what would please you the most, the poor chap has to do all the planning and make appropriate reservations.

#8. Keeping the ring safe from you

And finally, after EVERYTHING has been done and planned, keeping the ring hidden from you till he pops the question at the final proposal day is the biggest task he has got in hand.

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Every girl dreams of having her guy propose to her someday in the most romantic way. And when that happens, she is the happiest girl in the world. But keep in mind all the efforts your guy puts in, to make your dream come true, if the proposal doesn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted it, cut him some slack. After all, he did everything possible in his stride to make it special for you!

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