8 Things You Might Not Expect But Will Surely Happen At Your Wedding


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8 Things You Might Not Expect But Will Surely Happen At Your Wedding

As smooth and seamless as a wedding might appear in a romantic movie, it is quite the opposite in reality. Weddings bring with them a series of ups and downs that you might not have even thought of before. And, however hard you may try to avoid them, they seem to somehow crop out of nowhere. Well, instead of freaking out when things go wrong, why not be aware of what all could go wrong and be mentally prepared for them already? So, to save you from the horror of constantly panicking at your wedding, we get you a list of things that are definitely going to happen at your wedding.

#1. You will not get all the things the way you wanted them to be

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Not everything in the weddings happens just the way they are expected. The caterer might give you the wrong desserts, the florist might decorate the house with roses instead of lilies, your footwear might break just before you get set to leave for the wedding venue, the photographer might get stuck in the traffic, or anything else might happen that can simply freak you out at the last moment. So, condition your mind to stay calm as getting angry will only worsen the situation.

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#2. You cannot manage to please them all

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Needless to say, you will have a lot of guests at your wedding. And, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to please them all. So, just enjoy the company of those who are actually happy to see you enjoy the most beautiful phase of your life, and ignore the ones who give you negative vibes. Well, we are not saying you to disrespect them, but you can always try to stay as far as possible from such people on your wedding day.

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#3. You will always be short of time                   

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Be it following a ritual in the morning of your wedding day, collecting the jewellery from the showroom, reaching the parlour, or anything else, you will always be under the constant pressure of finishing off the things on time. But, no matter how much you try doing everything as per the plan, you will always be short of time. Well, in such a situation, it is very important for you to remain calm and composed as getting panicked will make the situation even worse.

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#4.  You will forget to invite some people

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We know your guest list was made well before your wedding, and you are certain that you have not missed anyone. But, you might still miss out the names of a few people in that list. Well, believe us or not, it happens even with the well-organised people. So, once you are done making the guest list, make sure you get it reviewed by all your family members as well.

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#5. There will be troublemakers, always!

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Every family has troublemakers who love to invoke controversies and problems. And, yours will be no exception to it. The only thing you can do is, invite them late and keep them away from the wedding preparations and planning.

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#6. You will fight unnecessarily with your partner

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The wedding stress tends to get on your nerves at many instances, and all that anger and frustrations is bound to come out on your partner. Well, while venting out your worries might make you feel a bit better, just don’t forget that you both are sailing in the same boat. So, try your best to treat each other with love and care.

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#7. You will cry however hard you try not to!

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Well, this is mainly for the ladies. There will be a million things going on in your mind on your wedding day, which will simply get you highly emotional. And, no matter how hard you try to hold them back, tears will come rolling down your face eventually!

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#8. No glitches will actually be able to spoil your day

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Well, despite all those things that might go wrong, just be sure that your wedding will be the most beautiful, happy and splendid time of your life. Even if you might be expecting a few glitches already and be a little nervous about them, there is no way these small problems can spoil such a big day of your life. So, stop worrying and do nothing except enjoying the most beautiful time of your life.

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And with the mix of happy, sad, nerve-wrecking and excited emotions, it will be over before you know it. So, stay relaxed and enjoy the best day of your life without stressing out at all.

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