8 Things You Can Do With The Money Saved By Not Having A Big Fat Indian Wedding


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8 Things You Can Do With The Money Saved By Not Having A Big Fat Indian Wedding

Nowadays, weddings have become all pomp and show for most couples and their families. In their excitement to have the most beautiful and memorable wedding ever, couples usually end up following the phrase, “sky is the limit”. While this might be good for many, it might not suit every to-be wed couple’s pocket.

Let us ask you, have you ever considered how much you could save and what all you could do with the money you save, by having a sweet and simple wedding? Well, it is not necessary to spend a fortune to make your wedding a special one. Having all your loved ones with you to celebrate your day of love is what actually matters. So, if you do not want your parents to take a loan for your wedding, have a simple yet elegant wedding and spend the money you saved by having a small and intimate wedding on these eight things.

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#1. Have a small destination wedding

Did you always wish to get married amidst the open sky and clear water of the sparkling blue ocean? Well, here is your chance to have just that. Instead of having a big fat wedding, have a beautiful destination wedding at an exotic location with just your closest of friends and family around.

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#2. Buy your dream car

Instead of inviting people whose name you hardly remember and spending lakhs on the wedding arrangements and catering, invest in buying that cool luxury car you always dreamt of having one day.

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#3. Have a larger-than-life honeymoon experience

Why spend money pleasing a whole bunch of unknown people at your wedding and settle for a 3-star property at your honeymoon because that is what you are able afford in the end? Book the most luxurious and romantic resort along with the best and exotic honeymoon location by saving the money you would have otherwise have spent on smiling and pleasing all those strangers.

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#4. Buy a house

Did you know the amount that most couples generally tend to spend on their wedding, is good enough to help them buy a house? Well, if not buy one, then you can at least give its down payment! Yes, you read that right. Having a simple wedding will allow you to at least pay a down payment for your new house, if not the entire amount. Having your own house to start your new life together will surely be more satisfying than splurging on the wedding.

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#5. Donate

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If you have ever donated anything in your life, you will know how good it feels. Save money on your wedding by having an intimate one, and donate that amount to the less fortunate. The good wishes and blessings you get for this noble deed of yours will make your new life together a happier one indeed!

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#6. Furnish your home like a 5-star hotel

By saving your money, you could also make your home look nothing less than a 5-star property. Use the cash saved to install a Jacuzzi in your bathroom, get an awesome bar in your living room, a modular kitchen, and some great interiors and floorings. Make each day in your home a memorable and luxurious one.

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#7. Secure Your Future

One never knows what the future holds in store. By having a small wedding and saving your money, use that amount to invest in something like gold. You could also open one or more fixed deposits and if you have its knowhow, invest in shares and earn from the Stock Market.

#8. Prepare For An Early Retirement

And in the end, by saving the money you earlier planned to spend on people who will still find something to criticise later on, make more money on it by investing it in the right places. Make enough for you to take up an early retirement and enjoy the rest of your life with your life partner.

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Inviting people from all over the country just because that is the general norm might leave some of you in the losing end. And, let us say this again, having a memorable and amazing wedding does not mean you have to splurge like “the sky is the limit”! So, opt for a smaller wedding as it will not only allow you to do all of the above things, but will also allow you to be close to only your loved ones who actually care for you.

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