8 Most Important Things That Guests Absolutely Should Not Do At A Wedding


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8 Most Important Things That Guests Absolutely Should Not Do At A Wedding

The wedding season is around the corner and if you have already received an invitation [Read: 6 Types Of Guests You Should NOT Invite To Your Wedding], be sure you read this handbook of things you should not do at a wedding.

As a guest you are expected to be thorough with some wedding etiquettes, and so for starters, be gracious to survive the string of marriages you are going to attend.

#1. Do not enter the bride’s/groom’s suite, if not invited

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Even if you are a family member or a good friend, remember that there might already be too much to handle while she/he is getting ready. If the bride or the groom has personally invited you, then you need not think twice.

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#2. Be on time for various functions

8 Things guests shouldn’t do at a wedding friends

If you are a close friend of the bride or the groom, then you must not come with those difficult-to-believe excuses like “I got stuck in the traffic” or “my boss gave me work in the last minute”. Organise your day in a way that you reach well on time. If you want to genuinely be around, then apply for a leave in advance and be around to help him/her with the last-minute errands.

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#3. Do not bring your extended family

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Every wedding is organised with a certain budget in mind. With due respect to this thought, it is better if you do not ask your friends or extended family to tag along for the wedding, especially when they barely know the bride or the groom! If you are still not convinced, then imagine your friends bringing their friends. Doesn't sound fun, right? That is exactly what we mean!

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#4. Respect the couple’s wish and do not share wedding photos

Things guests shouldn’t do at a wedding

You will need to mark a full stop to your compulsive tweeting, tagging and instagramming a wedding you are attending. Some couples do not want their wedding to become a public spectacle. Or, there may be friends/colleagues that they might not have invited for whatever reason and your posts can add fuel to the fire.

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#5. Do not drink like there is no tomorrow!

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All of us can burn the floor with our drunken naagin dance moves and also give the dancing legend Shammi Kapoor’s pelvic groove a competition. But, don’t you think this is going to make you a laughing stock, especially if you are knocked out of your senses? It is common courtesy not to get wasted, especially since it is not the only way to enjoy a wedding.

#6. Do not criticise the wedding or guests

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You may be an opinionated person, but it is a good idea to not criticise the wedding decor, food or fellow guests when you are still there. Someone close to the bride or groom’s family may overhear and take offence. This may be relayed to the couple’s parents and somewhere down the line you will be remembered as someone with no social etiquettes.

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#7. Stay out of the photographer’s way!

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Most couples hire a candid wedding photographer, but in case they have not, do not out of sheer amusement, hog the limelight by expressing the need to be a part of every frame. You may be made fun of and the chances of being turned down can become public embarrassment. We recommend that you take it easy and enjoy the evening like others around you by being candidly clicked.

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#8. Be respectful if it is an inter-religion marriage

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Wear clothes appropriate to the wedding location and rituals. If the wedding venue is a temple, it is best to cover your head and follow the ground rules of keeping your phone on silent mode during wedding rituals. If you are in the age-old conundrum of what to wear, speak to your friend well in advance and respect their cultural tradition.

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So, adhere to some of the above listed common courtesies and start the wedding season on the right foot!

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