Dear Bestie, For Your Long Hair Try These Sexy Hairstyles For A Complete Makeover


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Dear Bestie, For Your Long Hair Try These Sexy Hairstyles For A Complete Makeover

The best thing about long hair is that you can style them in various ways. So, if you are bored of your monotonous hairstyle, then try something new.

Donning a new sexy hairstyle does not mean that you have to rush to your hairstylist right now. Take a look at some sexy and easy hairdos that you can flaunt anywhere anytime.

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#1. Let your ponytail flirt with your face

Hairstyles for long hair

Ponytail is one hairdo which is quick, easy and comfortable. But, you can ditch the traditional sleek ponytail for a flirty one. All you have to do is tease the roots around the forehead of your head. Leave a few flicks hanging at your forehead to ace that flirtatious look. Or make a nice puff at the crown. For some extra bounce, use flexible-hold spray to fluff up the length.

#2. Add some bangs

Hairstyles for long hair

To keep your long hair from looking dull and boring, add bangs. Bangs will give altogether a fresh look to your face. Fringes are best way to accentuate your facial features. So, pair wavy hair with straight bangs or side-swept bangs with pulled back section.

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#3. Curl up your mane

Curl up your mane if you want a sophisticated yet classy look. You can have super sized curls with the help of heated rollers or get a surfer girl waves. For the latter, you would need to mist your hair with the help of wave-making salt-infused styler, and then twist small pieces of your locks around your fingers to give them a twist. If you have natural waves then highlight a few strands of your hair to break the monotony. You can also keep them half tied with some braiding. 

#4. Side-swept hair strands

Hairstyles for long hair

If you feel like adding some drama to your hairstyle, then simply gather your hair and pull them to one side. See what is your best side of the face that you do not mind showing off. Put a little hair spray on your strands, and then pull them to one side of your face completely.

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#5. Sport super-sleek strands

Hairstyles for long hair

Take out that straightening iron rod from your cupboard and use it to get super-sleek mane. Depending upon your face structure, you can either straighten your hair with center or side partition. If you want to add extra oomph factor to your look, then slicked-back strands is the perfect hairdo for it. To get the look, iron your hair first then apply gel from hairline to crown. Do use a protective styling spray before you clamp down to get this chic look.

#6. Opt for braids

hairstyles for long hair

Yes, you read it right. Braids are back in vogue, but here is how you can give them a stunning twist. Instead of tying them at the centre, pull all your hair on one side and braid straight down. This is known as a side-swept French braid. You can also style your braid in a crown form or go the traditional milkmaid way. Be it any style, braids always give you an elegant and adorable look.

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#7. Make a bun

Hairstyles for long hair

Bun is a perfect hairdo for summers. It is neat and trendy at the same time. You can either opt for slicked-back high bun or sleek side-swept low bun. To get the side-swept look, part your hair to one side and make a loose bun, just above the nape of your neck. This amazing hairdo is easy to achieve with mid to long length locks.

#8. Faux your way with a bob

Hairstyles for long hair

If one fine day you feel like going for a short style, then just tuck your hair up into itself till the length you want and pin it underneath your hair with the help of bobby pins. This will make your hair short and will give you an awesome look. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Try these exciting hairstyles for different outings and surprise the guests with your new sexy avatars!