8 Incredible Ways To Add Mehendi Designs To Your Wedding Celebrations


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8 Incredible Ways To Add Mehendi Designs To Your Wedding Celebrations

Mehendi ki raat is one of the most awaited pre-wedding functions for any Indian bride. It is believed that darker the colour of the mehendi on a bride’s hand, more love she would get from her husband as well as her mother-in-law.

Moreover, the colour and intricacy of the design on the hands and feet of a bride simply enhance her beauty manifolds. It is due to this traditional belief and the charming beauty of the mehendi designs that this ceremony is still loved and followed in the Indian weddings.

Well, when the mehendi patterns make you look so gorgeous as a bride, then why to restrict this art only to your hands and feet? Yes, it is true! There are a lot more ways in which you can add mehendi patterns to your entire wedding celebrations. And, if you are wondering how is that possible, then take a look at these really wonderful ideas.

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#1. Wear it as your style

Before going anywhere else, just think of styling yourself in a different manner with the mehendi. Do not restrict this beautiful art to just your hands and feet. Get a beautiful design made on your back and flaunt it in style in front of everyone. You can show it off during the wedding if you plan to wear a low-cut choli, or you can postpone the plan to any of your post-wedding functions. This will definitely make you the showstopper of the event.

#2. Style your wedding invites

There are thousands of beautiful and intricate henna designs that can be incorporated on the tiniest of spaces. So, why not on your wedding invites as well? Simply choose a design that is unique and make your wedding invite stand out with this special form of art.

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#3. Dress code for your sisters and BFFs

Your sisters and best friends will certainly be applying mehendi on their hands on your wedding. But, you can make it different by asking them to don the same pattern on their hands. You can even ask all of them to have a simple yet stylish design done around their wrist or some other visible part of their body. This will be like a dress code for all the saalis of the groom.

#4. Add to the wedding décor

Sometimes, doing something different even with the smallest of the things can make a huge difference. And that is why, it would be a really great idea to add the elegant mehendi designs on the small things of your wedding décor. So, just go for the mehendi designs on your wedding cutlery, candles, flower vases, etc., to give a special effect on the entire décor. If possible, then you can even opt for the mehendi design on the drapes to transform the entire look of the event.

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#5. Customise your accessories

Another different idea to try out is to have customised shoes made for yourself with a stunning mehendi design on them. Both the bride and the groom can have such shoes and look traditionally stylish on the wedding day. Not only will it be unique, but will also be something for both of you to preserve as a treasure forever. Apart from the shoes, brides can also have the mehendi imprints on their clutch that they would carry with themselves in any of their wedding functions.

#6. Go traditional with the cake

When you are planning to give a personalised mehendi touch to a lot of things in your wedding, do not forget to do the same with your wedding cake. Just add some bright colours to the cake as well as the other desserts, and decorate them with some really beautiful mehendi patterns. Not only will it look spectacular, but will also blend pretty well with your entire theme.

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#7. Decorate your car

We have all seen wedding cars decorated with flowers and streamers. So, why not try something different? Well, the idea is to get henna stickers on the car along with a sign of 'Just Married'. There are a lot of decorative stickers available in the market, which cause no harm to the paint of your car. So, all you have to do is to choose a design and order them for your wedding car.

#8. On the wedding favours

There is a lot of thought and consideration that goes behind deciding what to give to the guests as a token of thanks for attending the wedding. Well, whatever you decide to give, just make it different by incorporating a beautiful mehendi design on its packing. Be it the shagun ka lifafa, the box of chocolates or sweets, a tray of dry fruits, or the carry bags in which you give them clothes, adding some exciting patterns, like paisley or peacock, will simply reflect your great taste and style.

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Well, wedding is a one-time affair in everyone’s life. Then why keep it boring and why not try something really fun? So, just be different and try these uber-cool ideas with mehendi to make your wedding the talk of the town!

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