8 Incredible Makeup Tips For Indian Brides With Glasses


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8 Incredible Makeup Tips For Indian Brides With Glasses

We have seen many grooms looking dapper in their spectacles on their wedding day. However, brides usually find it difficult to style themselves for their big day while retaining that pair of specs. That is why, most of them tend to sport contact lenses on their wedding day. But, there are a lot of women, who do not want to (or can't) ditch this important part of their overall identity on the most important day of their life.

Well, to help all such soon-to-be brides to look truly stunning on their wedding day, we took some insights from two famous celebrity makeup gurus, Ambika Pillai and Vidya Tikari. So, here are some awesome makeup tricks meant just for the brides with glasses, straight from the experts.

#1. Maintain the natural look

As you already have one striking element on your face, it is important to keep the other things comparatively subtler. Ambika Pillai explains the logic as she says, “This is a perfect case of ‘less is more’. The prominent feature here on the bride’s face is the glasses that she is wearing. Too many colours and textures can crowd her face instead of accentuating her features. Soft sheer foundation, clean lush-lashed eyes with a bright or soft pout would ideally suit her best.”

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Image Courtesy: Deepika Padukone for Vogue Eyewear (left)

Vidya also has an important tip for you to look your best with spectacles, if your wedding is slated on a hot day. She says, “My only tip would be to make sure the bride is wearing waterproof make up so that her glasses do not fall off the nose.”

Image Courtesy: Lightyear Studio

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#2. Play well with your eyes

It might get a little tricky to do the right eye makeup that will look perfect behind the glasses. Vidya Tikari says, “Wear a lot of mascara if you wear spectacles. And, if you have small lashes, then it would be a good idea to wear artificial lashes. It will really bring a lot of emphasis on your eyes.”

Image Courtesy: Lightyear Studio

On the other hand, Ambika gives the idea of 'playing well with the eyes' by saying, “Deciding the right eye makeup depends a lot on your face shape, personal taste and your outfit. That being said, cat eye frames and other retro frames make strong style statements.” So, you can even choose bold frames that lessen the need for the striking eye makeup.

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#3. Go retro with makeup

You can adopt some bold styles from the previous era to make your makeup show behind the specs. Vidya Tikari makes it easier to understand as she says, “Retro and vintage makeup is a lovely look to experiment with. However, make sure you never follow any trend blindly. Instead, modify it to suit you. You can try winged eyeliner with a deep wine lip colour (or any other deep shade matching your wedding dress) for a perfect retro look, and to highlight your features amid the pair of spectacles on your face.

Ambika also gives an idea about how to carry such a look.“Go for bold winged liner with lush lashes (use false eyelashes, if required). Lips should be coral and if you wish to keep them bold as well, then go for bright matte shades in fuchsia or red. And, give your face a perfect frame with the help of some retro-style side-swept bun or braid,” she says.

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#4. Highlight your lips

This is a great trick to shift the focus from your specs. And, here is how Ambika Pillai explains to make use of this idea, “Keep your face subtle by going in for a clean and classic makeup look for your eyes. And, balance it with dark and bold lips matching your outfit.” 

Vidya adds, “Style your lips with deep shades, like maroon, mauve, red, burgundy, etc. These can be with or without shine, depending upon your personal preference.”

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#5. Give your cheeks a fresh look

For your cheeks, it is best to use coral shades of blush to maintain a natural and fresh look. Vidya explains the logic as she says, "It is not important to go crazy on cheeks at all. In fact, you should be a little bit more reserved because there is already too much happening on eyes and lips. So, you should keep the cheeks as minimalistic as possible."

Image Courtesy: Soha Ali Khan for Marie Claire (left)

Ambika Pillai also says, “It is important to add just the perfect flush of colour to your cheeks. For a perfect look with the spectacles, a soft fresh flush of colours on the apples of your cheeks is one pretty option. Another option is to softly sweep colours up along your cheek bones without making it look overdone.

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#6. Keep your eyebrows tamed

As the upper line of your glasses mostly run along the eyebrows, they tend to put more focus on them. So, to style them well, Vidya Tikari suggests, “I feel the brows should be overstated not understated, when you are wearing specs. So, they have to be snipped and really arched well. Further, they need to be pencilled in and brushed into place. Finally, give them the finishing touch by just using tinted brow mascara.”

Ambika Pillai suggests choosing such frames that follow the same line as your eyebrows, so that there is no separate line or arch above the frames. She also gives a few tips to highlight and define your brows when you get ready on your own, post your marriage:

  • If your brow hair is long, tame it by using a transparent mascara to set it.
  • Use a tiny bit of highlighting eyeshadow just below the brow, on the brow bone. For the day function, use a matt shadow. And for an evening party, you have the luxury of choosing anything from matt or gloss.  

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#7. Wear bling on your hair

While the experts suggest you to go for minimal makeup, they also explain the right way to add bling to your look. Vidya Tikari suggests, “If you are wearing spectacles that are more than just wire rim spectacles, go a little low on the bling. However, if the spectacles are quite understated, then definitely add some bling to your hair. But, I would suggest no bling on the skin at all. If you still wish to have a bit of shimmer in your makeup, then you can apply a small amount of shiny eyeshadow.

Ambika Pillai also says, “Bling in your look depends upon various things, like your personal taste, outfit, jewellery, etc. For example, if you plan to wear diamond jewellery, then you can either go for diamante hairpins woven through your hairstyle or a diamante hairpiece itself.”

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#8. Fun and romantic hairstyle

Choosing the right hairdo will play an instrumental role in completing your look. And to ensure that you make the right decision, check what our experts have to say. Ambika says, “If an updo is what you have in mind, then go for a slightly messy one with side-swept curls or soft waves framing the face. Another variation is a side swept bun or braid. You can even go for the classic French braid with the hair softly framing your face."

Image Courtesy: Lightyear Studio (right)

Vidya says, “A stiff bun paired with glasses might look a little matronly. I recommend that the hair should be more relaxed if tied in a bun, with rolls added to the side. Whatever you choose, make sure nothing is too stiff or shiny, so that your look is more on the romantic side.”

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So, get ready to flaunt your amazing style without leaving behind the most important part of your identity on your wedding day. What’s more? You can even pick a coloured frame that matches your wedding outfit to glam up your look.

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