8 Ideas To Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy


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8 Ideas To Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

A perfect wedding is what every couple dreams of. It is a memorable occasion for a couple to share their happiness. After all, it is an official reunion of all the loved ones. So, it is important that you give priority to your guests’ comfort, while planning for your wedding arrangements. It becomes your responsibility to keep them happy. Here are some tips that will help you to keep your guests involved and feel comfortable during your wedding celebrations.

Budget matters

Always set a budget for each function and invite guests accordingly. Ensure that the venue is large enough to accommodate everyone, otherwise it might get a bit suffocating for your guests. Though it is difficult to pay attention to all the guests, but make sure that nobody is ignored. Attend all guests personally; it will make them feel special and important. We know that this can get quite stressful, but it is definitely not a regular affair.

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Get together before wedding

A pre-wedding dinner or a get together will help to bring guests together. It may happen that some guests might be meeting each other for the first time. Such a dinner or get together will make your guests feel at ease. They will also enjoy more.

Hygienic and clean washrooms

Guests, especially children and old people go to washrooms quite often. So, make sure that the washrooms should be well-maintained and hygienic. You can also make arrangements for a helping staff to monitor the cleanliness.

Seating arrangement

Usually the number of guests is more than the seats available. To avoid your guest cribbing about not getting a seat to sit, make sure you ask your venue manager to place enough seats. Also suggest him to keep extra chairs handy.

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Variety in food

Carefully plan out the food menu and the serving arrangement to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Good food is one thing which is always remembered. With marriage ceremonies extending till late night, make sure that you do not keep your guests hungry. To prevent your guests from cribbing, arrange for a variety of snacks according to your budget. Ensure that the food served is fresh.


To keep the guests entertained throughout the wedding, plan out some programmes. Options can range from inviting a dance troop to inviting a singer or even an orchestra party. Also, do not ignore to plan some entertainment for kids.

Avoid loud music

Playing loud music, especially when the venue is a closed banquet hall can be really irritating for some guests. The music volume should always be kept at a level which allows them to continue their conversation without any hindrance.

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Thank you gifts

Give gifts to close friends and relatives who made the evening wonderful for you. This gesture will make them feel special. Also, they will remember your wedding for the love and care you showered on them. 

So, now that you know how to keep your guests happy, go ahead and charm them with these tips.

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