7 Things Every Guy Wants To Tell His Girl Bluntly But Cannot


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7 Things Every Guy Wants To Tell His Girl Bluntly But Cannot

‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’, is a phrase that is true to its core. There are a lot of things that women expect from their men, but do not communicate it well to them.

Men on the other hand are not very expressive. If you tell them what to do in clear cut words, the job will be done but waiting for them to do it on their own is something that is unlikely to happen!

Here is an article which every man on this planet will relate to as it gives you a list of things that every groom wants to tell his bride-to-be very bluntly but cannot.

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#1. ‘Don’t say you are fine when actually you are super-mad’

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Men do not necessarily remember when and in which moment they mess things up. For them, something that they say to their partner may be a normal phrase, but to the girl the sentence may be devastating. This results in endless fights for reasons unknown to them because when they ask what’s wrong, the reply they get is ‘I am fine!’. In other words, what men actually want is you to tell them where they went wrong and clear it instantly instead of piling up events one after the other and stretching the fight.

#2. I am not good with surprises

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We women just love surprises, don’t we? But, as much as your groom-to-be wants to please you and make you happy, planning a surprise is like asking them to dance in high heels. Instead, just giving them little hints or even better, telling them directly will make you happier than no surprise at all or a surprise gone wrong!

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#3. Tell me what gift you want

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As bad as men are with planning a surprise, they are equally bad at choosing gifts. Instead of waiting for what you actually wanted and not getting it at the end, all they want from you is to know what exactly you want!

#4. Please do all the planning

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Most men go clueless when it comes to planning an evening date, let alone an event. What time to leave, what all to do, which restaurant to go to, etc. What they want you to do is to guide them a little through the procedure and it will be done superbly!

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#5. Initiate sometimes at least

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Let alone men but even women like to be intimate with their partner. But in most cases, it is men who always initiate. What they want you to know is that a little initiation on your part, a peck on the neck, holding him tight and some sweet nothings would not hurt at all.

#6. I hate going for shopping

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Tell them to go shopping, they suddenly have important office work or aren’t feeling well. Tell them to go to a cricket match and they are game! This is the haunting effect of just the thought of going shopping for men. So all you lovely ladies, next time you decide to go shopping, take your girlfriends along instead.  

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#7. I love television and my play station more than gossip

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There are no two ways about the fact that men love their television, game stations and gadgets more than sitting and talking with their partners. So, what they want from you is a little time for them where they can go back to being boys.

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We know it is not always possible to just give them what they want but by doing so, understanding what the other means to say and by making little changes and adjustments for each other, you will carve a way for a happily married future.

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