7 Things All Indian Mothers Love To Say Everyday


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7 Things All Indian Mothers Love To Say Everyday

Moms are the closest things to our hearts, and we cannot function without them. But you have to admit that at times they can act outrageous, and unbelievably filmy! They can be ridiculously sweet, angry, happy and rude, all at the same time! This is probably passed on from one generation to the other like a family heirloom. These lines might seem straight out of some Bollywood movie, but they are very "real". In fact, we think our moms are where Bollywood finds its inspiration from!

Here are 7 most common, very “mommy statements” that we are sure you hear at least once every day. Check them out and find out how much you agree as you giggle away.

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1. ‘Humaare time mein aisa nahi hota tha’

Yes mom, generations have changed, the value of money has drastically dropped and pocket money has gone on an earth-shattering hike. And yes, we do like to party occasionally, hang out with friends, or sometimes work late, and cannot be home by 7pm!

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2. ‘Mere bachchein ko kissi ki nazar na lage’

This priceless concern is worth a series of smirks. For her, we are Steve Jobs, Rayn Gosling and Nelson Mandela all rolled into one; and all evil, envious eyes are on us 24x7!

3. ‘Roti gol nahi hui, toh shaadi ke baad kya hoga tera?’ 

This is a classic example of how two non-related things can perfectly share space in one sentence. Groom? Chapati? The shape of the chapati? We fail to decipher the connection, and can’t help but stare at our mothers' with a clueless look.

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4. ‘Logon ko do waqt ki roti nahi milti! Tumhe sab milta hai aur tumhare nakhre khatam nahi hote’.

Try making a weird face while struggling to finish the leftover vegetable in your plate, and you will be soon slapped with this statement. Also, it is difficult to comprehend, how your overeating will help starving kids around the world?

5. ‘Uth gaya mera raja beta!’

Yes mom, I woke up...this morning too! Every morning becomes a big deal for our melodramatic Indian moms, doesn't it? Okay, but we have to agree, this one is real cute, and makes you want to go give her a big hug right away.

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6. ‘Kahan ho? Phone kyun nahi uthate? Ghar kab aa rahe ho?’

So, we never understand this! We are mature enough to get married, work, and travel alone, but never old enough to reach home safe? She just HAS TO play spy by calling every evening asking this question. And, if your phone is busy, she goes, ‘Din bhar kis se baat kartey rehte ho!’

7. ‘Itne kapde hain tumhare paas! Aur kitna shopping karogi?’

She has to point out the fact that we have bought so many clothes, of which we hardly have worn anything, how we waste money by shopping, and how we still complain about not having enough clothes. Honestly, just get over it!

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You could relate to almost all of these sentences, right? Why not share this with your mom to see her reactions and have a little fun of your own? Try it!



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