7 Tempting Wedding Cake Themes For Your Big Fat Indian Wedding


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7 Tempting Wedding Cake Themes For Your Big Fat Indian Wedding

The western trend of the newlyweds celebrating their marriage by cutting a wedding cake has now become quite popular in India as well. Whether it is on the wedding day or the reception, Indian couples too are going bigger and bolder with their wedding cakes. They are putting in a considerable amount of thought while deciding on the theme of the cake, its flavours, its decoration, and its design.

Well, to ease your planning load, we bring to you some beautiful wedding cake themes, which you would love to have at your wedding. So, get ready to get tempted!

#1. Couples On Top

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

It is a wedding cake and the best way to make it memorable is by engraving the bride and groom in it, or rather on it. You can have cake toppers of the couple adorning the cake.

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Images Courtesy: Mom & Daughter Cakes

You can also have toppers with couples posing in some romantic pose. Such cakes can easily set the mood for celebration. You can go more creative with wedding cakes by engraving the cake with the couple’s initials or having a cake that reflect's their personalities.

Images Courtesy: Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai (left); Mom & Daughter Cakes (right)

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#2. Write It Out

Feeling romantic? Well, go all out and write your love out for each other on your wedding cake?

Images Courtesy: Pink Cake Box (left); Bite Me Bakery UK (via Cake Central; right)

Yes, you can add beautiful love quotes or get something interesting written on your cake. This would not only make your wedding cake unique and creative, but also truly personalised. And, it would also lend a beautiful emotional touch to the celebrations.

Image Courtesy: Pink Cake Box

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#3. Party with Peacock

Just like a peacock is known for its unparalleled beauty, so will be your wedding cake. These days a lot of couples are going for peacock-themed wedding cakes.

Images Courtesy: Cake Art by Serena Soosay (left); Cake and Cupcakes Mumbai (right)

It not only looks beautiful, but can charm anyone with its vibrancy. The colours and the design all make for an interesting theme.

Images Courtesy: Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai (left); Svetlana Nikolova (right)

You can also choose a pair of peacocks as cake toppers. Also there is lot of scope of decoration with peacock’s feathers.

Images Courtesy: Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai (left); via Cake Central (right)

Well, peacocks look good with any background- white, golden or even blue. Surely, your guests will not forget your peacock inspired wedding cake.

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#4. The Flower Power

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

As the saying goes, you can never go wrong with flowers. Flowers are an intricate part of every Indian wedding, and are used for decorating the venue or beautifying a bride or simply welcoming the guests. You can keep the theme of your wedding cake as flowers and its beauty will be heart-warming.

Image Courtesy: Sarah Louise Cakes (left); Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai (right)

Whether you use a flower trail to decorate your cake or place bouquets of tulips or roses on each layer, it will look beautiful. Even a flower carving on the entire cake can look stunning.

Images Courtesy: Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai (left); Pink Cake Box (right)

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#5. Magnanimous Elephant

An elephant is always considered synonymous to royalty. In royal weddings, the groom comes mounted on an elephant instead of a horse.

Images Courtesy: Heather Barranco Dreamcakes (left); Light Trick Photography (right) 

What's more? In many communities, the trumpet of an elephant is considered to be auspicious. This elephant-inspired design will surely set the right mood for the big royal Indian wedding.

Image Courtesy: Cakes By Robin (left); Pink Cake Box (inset)

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#6. The Exotic Eternal Love

Images Courtesy: Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai (left); Cakester Piece (right)

Some monuments only evoke love and then there is nothing left to be spoken. A wedding cake with the theme of Taj Mahal- the true epitome of love, or even Eiffel tower- where lovers become one, can surely make for a great wedding cake idea.

Image Courtesy: Alisons Cakes For All

What’s more? These cakes are also a great idea for globe-trotting couples, who love to visit the wonders of the world.

Image Courtesy: Heidelberg Cakes (left); Jacques Pastries (right)

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#7. Go Out and Out Indian

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

If traditional is your theme, then there are so many options you can try, to make a perfect Indian wedding cake.

Image Courtesy: Mom & Daughter Cakes (left); Photography by Asiya (right)

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A wedding cake which looks like the mehendi of a bride can also make a good theme. Even an ornamental cake with a design like a bride’s saree flowing over it, can look completely breathtaking.

Image Courtesy: Creative Cake Factory (left); via Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai (right)

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We know these cakes are too tempting to be resisted. So, don’t wait, go ahead and order one for your wedding.

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