8 Cool And Fantastic Ideas That Will Tempt You To Have A Daytime Outdoor Wedding


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8 Cool And Fantastic Ideas That Will Tempt You To Have A Daytime Outdoor Wedding

In India, a lot of weddings are scheduled in the late evening hours. And, why not? After all, the glitz and glamour of the night weddings make them look truly magnificent. But, that does not mean the daytime weddings are not as much fun as the ones that take place at night. And, if you have any such thoughts about the morning weddings, then we have something that will totally change your mind. With a couple of awesome ideas, morning weddings too can be too much fun for the couple as well as their guests.

So, here we share with you some brilliant ideas to make a morning wedding absolutely fun and unforgettable.

#1. Have some beautiful shaded spots

Arrange for beautiful canopies or shaded spots, where your guests can sit and watch the entire wedding ceremony. Depending upon your choice, you can either have one big tent covering the entire venue, or you can go for small shaded spots all over. Make sure the colours of the canopies go well with the rest of the wedding décor.

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#2. Hand over your wedding newspaper to the guests

Well, isn’t a newspaper the thing that most of the people look for in the morning? So, why not be a bit more creative and fun, and design a newspaper giving different details of your love story as well as your wedding celebrations? You can hand it over to your guest right at the entrance so as to get them even more excited and curious about other fun elements of your wedding ceremony.

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#3. Give cool sunglasses to your guests

To make sure that your guests are not bothered by the sunlight, you can have cool sunglasses for all of them. You can show your creativity here as well by getting your and your partner’s name printed at the either side of those glasses. What’s more? Your guests will have something as a memento of your wedding.

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#4. Have some bright parasols

Another way to save your guests from the bright sunlight, have a parasol (umbrella) station at your wedding venue. And of course, just like the sunglasses, those parasols will also make a beautiful memento of your wedding.

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#5. Have a poolside wedding

A truly beautiful idea, a poolside wedding will make your daytime wedding quite a memory! You can even opt for a beach wedding. And, do not forget to add some really bright and quirky backdrops as well as props to the décor around the pool, which will make your morning wedding all the more vibrant.

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#6. Play well with the flowers

Irrespective of the time of the day, weather or anything else, flowers are one of the inevitable parts of any wedding’s décor. However, there is nothing that can match the beauty of the floral decorations of a morning wedding. This natural element looks really appealing in the natural light. All you have to is, pick the best flowers of the season, and get them installed nicely at your wedding venue.

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#7. Add balloons in décor

Balloons are amazing décor props for daytime weddings. When you do not have the privilege to use lighting, beautiful balloons do everything to add charm to your wedding venue’s ambience. Have them at the entrance, at any nook of your wedding venue, or have them spread all over! Whatever way you add them, they are sure to make your morning wedding truly beautiful.

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#8. Ask your guests to be casually dressed

Well, it is the morning time, and people love to remain in their comfy shorts and tees, right? Then, why not allow your guests to follow the same dress code? While blingy outfits look stunning during the night-time, the cool and casual ones look really comforting during daytime. So, ask all your guests to come in casuals, and let them have nothing but fun at your wedding.

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Well, we hope these fun ideas were tempting enough to convince you to have a morning wedding. And, if you too have some cool ideas to make a daytime wedding more fun, then do share them with us in the comments section below.

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