7 Smart Tips For Brides To Look Stylish And Elegant In Low Necklines


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7 Smart Tips For Brides To Look Stylish And Elegant In Low Necklines

Girls always want to look their best whenever they dress up, and plunging necklines usually make for a classy style statement. However, when it comes to wearing one in your own wedding, you need be extra cautious that you do not go overboard. After all, there is a very thin line between looking glamorous and ungraceful. So, here we have for you our top seven style rules to keep in mind when choosing a low-cut neckline for your wedding day.

#1. Choose the right design

Plunging necklines would look quite effortless and stylish on women who have modest assets (say C-cup or less) since there is hardly any need for support. For those whose assets are on the smaller side, you can draw everyone’s attention by simply going for deep V-necklines or sweetheart necklines. Women with considerably large assets can choose to wear square necklines.  

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However, the safest neckline option for any women would be the V-neckline. Because of the fact that deep V-necks tend to give the wearer a leaner, longer and taller silhouette, this sort of cut suits mostly all body types and is undoubtedly one of the most universally flattering cut. 

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#2. Always take note of the fabric

When wearing a plunging neckline on your wedding day, always keep the fabric in mind. It can either completely enhance your look or can totally work against you. We suggest you to choose luxurious fabrics such as silk or velvet for a red carpet-worthy effect. 

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Also, make sure of customising your dress to fit your body type instead of finding your assets falling out of sides, either in the front or in the underarms area. 

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#3. Choose the right innerwear

Do not forget to take care of your innerwear, especially your bra when wearing a deep neckline. Opt for a U-plunge or deep-plunge bra, to take care of unwanted swaying and peeking of the breasts.

Always wear bras that have underwire and side boning to add support. You could also make use of fashion tape to take care of extra peeking and add an extra level of protection to keep any sort of wardrobe malfunction at bay.

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#4. Enlist backup, a solid one

Now that you have planned to take the bold step of wearing a plunging neckline on your wedding day, then be sure to be well-equipped with your handy weapons of choice. In this case, we are talking about double-stick tape to avoid any nip slips.

If you have your wedding on a chilly winter evening, we suggest you put on a pair of silicone nipple covers to avoid any last minute dramatic mishaps.

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#5. Mind your posture

One of the most important things to remember while wearing a low neckline is to take care of your posture. Bending over in a carefree manner is not quite an ideal position.

Avoid slouching to keep everything in place and flaunt your deep-neckline dress with confidence.

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#6. Do not ignore your décolletage area

We put so much effort and focus on our facial makeup during our wedding day that we tend to ignore our necks and décolletage. But, be extra cautious to take care of your cleavage when wearing a plunging neckline.

Apply a handful of lotion and foundation, to give a taut, smooth and silky appearance to your torso. You can also add a bit of bronzer on your décolletage to give it a subtle look.

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#7. Do not go overboard

Last but not the least, there is nothing wrong with sporting a deep neckline with aplomb, but you must be prepared for some unwanted attention too. So, always know where to draw the line that is accepted by your and the groom’s family.

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There you have it, our list of top seven style rules that will help you flaunt your low necklines with ease and élan. Just by keeping these simple tips in mind, you can win people over with your graceful fashion sense.



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