16 Bang-On Signs That Prove You Are Obsessed With 'Weddings'


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16 Bang-On Signs That Prove You Are Obsessed With 'Weddings'

Some girls are obsessed with weddings! In most of the cases, it is because they just like the naach-gaana, shopping and fun that it brings along, and can’t help but think about it round the clock. Well, what can we say? We totally get it because we love them too! 

Here’s what really goes on with the wedding obsessed girls who are ready to go out for the day and take a chutti for her pados waali aunty, Mrs. Sharma’s daughter’s wedding! Take a look!

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#1. You buy new clothes for every wedding that you’re invited to…because SWAG

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Of course, because you don’t want to be seen repeating them and also because you like to doll up and be different from the rest!

#2. You daydream walking the ramp in a Sabyasachi wedding outfit

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Because his lehengas are out of the world and classy and designed in taste.

#3. You want to become a wedding planner

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This has been your dream long before Anushka and Ranveer starring Band Baaja Baaraat hit the theatres!

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#4. You binge watch wedding videos and follow wedding trends from around the world

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Not just that, you also picture you and your groom-to-be in the super-romantic songs!

#5. You follow wedding updates of your favourite celebs

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The latest one you obsessed about and ‘discussed’ with your friends is #MonkeyWedding of Bipasha and Karan Singh Grover! BTW have you seen their #MonkeyMoon pics too? *wink*

#6. You quickly become a fashion critic and judge the dulha-dulhan’s wedding outfit

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Because your opinion matters the most!

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#7. “Aunty I can go with you to Chandni Chowk to help with shopping!”

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You get super high on energy when your padosi’s beti is due to get married and you offer to help her with wedding shopping. From zewar, sagan and sangeet ka joda to wedding outfit, you know where to buy the best from!

#8. Your best friend’s marriage becomes a project for you

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Of course and why shouldn’t it be. You’re her best friend and you’re going to be all over her and take her shopping and be her fashion advisor, right?

#9. You plan to start a blog on everything wedding-related

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Because the world needs to be in the safe hands!

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#10. You are your friends’ go-to person when it comes to wedding planning

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Since you’re up-to-date with bridal trends and fashion and wedding décor, you become your friend’s and rishtedaar’s go-to person!

#11. Whenever a shaadi-layak song is released, you add it to your wedding playlist

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This wedding play list keeps getting bigger and bigger!

#12. You’ve already shortlisted a wedding photographer for your wedding

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With plenty of candid photographers in limelight, it’s easy to pick the best ones based on the photos they post. You’ve already figured out a few shots you want with your groom and family and not forgetting your close friends!

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#13. You can’t wait for the wedding season

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Even more than your birthday because there’s food and fun in equal measure!

#14. You can’t wait for YOUR wedding

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Yay, and obviously because when will you put your knowledge to use if not your own wedding!

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#15. Your social media updates are all things wedding

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Whether it’s your own or your friends’ or cousins’ or a celebs’.

#16. You have subscription to every possible online and offline bridal magazine

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You suffer from FoMO on wedding trends, and so you want to stay updated and hence a million subscriptions!

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Do you relate to all or some of these? Chances are you are totally obsessed with weddings and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s something that brings you joy and keeps you going! Just make sure it doesn’t wreck your nerves and kill the excitement when it’s time for your wedding.

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