7 Secret Fashion Tricks To Look Taller Without Wearing High Heels


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7 Secret Fashion Tricks To Look Taller Without Wearing High Heels

The entire world is aware of a woman's love for high heels. We are sure you also would be having a few pairs of them with you. And for the petite girls, the number might be slightly more than ‘a few’. Well, agreed that heels make you sexy and give you some extra height, but let us admit that wearing them all day long is not comfortable for everyone.

But hey, who says that only heels can make you look taller? In fact, there are a few simple fashion tricks that will give a boost to your height instantly. Don’t believe us? Well, then read on these amazing fashion tricks to look taller even without wearing heels.

#1. Go with vertical stripes

As the stripes are in these days, pick up a pair of pants or dress with vertical stripes. The long lines will create an illusion of added length, and hence, will make you look taller. Surprising but true! And, avoid horizontal lines as they will only add width to your figure.

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#2. Wear monochrome outfits

Wearing same coloured outfit from head to toe will elongate your figure and will make you look not only taller, but leaner too. Wondering how is this possible? Well, when you wear a monochrome outfit, there will be no separation between your upper and lower half. Hence, you will automatically look taller.

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#3. Say no to baggy fits

No matter how comfortable you would feel in those loose or baggy dresses, just avoid them as they will make you look shorter and wider. Instead, always opt for something fitted and tailored to give the illusion of that extra inch. Also pay attention to the details as they make a lot of difference. Dresses with too much embroidery, gathered elastic band, heavy fabric, or too much ruffles, etc., are a big 'no' as they will hide your petite frame.

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#4. Choose your footwear wisely

The kind of footwear you wear with your dress also helps in making you look taller. It is recommended to opt for the flats that have pointy-toes or the strappy sandals. You can team them up with any short dress or ankle-length pants. And if you love wearing boots, then pick the ones that end just above the ankles.

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#5. Opt for small bags

Yes, you read it right! Even the size of your bag matters a lot in deciding your appearance. It is always better to carry small or medium-sized bags rather than the big or oversized ones. This is because the big bags will just add more width to your overall look, and hence, will make you look shorter. Thus, always pick a bag that is proportional to your height.

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#6. Add height on your top

Well, that is a great yet so simple idea to add those extra inches in your overall appearance. Simply hold your hair and tie a knot at the top of your head. This will not only give extra height to you, but will also give you a break from your regular hairdo. In case you do not want to go for a bun, then you can create puff and leave rest of your hair open.

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#7. Maintain the correct posture

A correct postures makes an unbelievable difference to your height. Hence, to look taller instantly, always maintain a straight posture while walking, sitting or standing. Keep your chin up, hold your shoulders back and stop slouching.

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And you always thought that heels were the only option you had to look taller. Isn’t it? Well, we are sure you would not be thinking the same anymore. So, give those aching heels a miss and go with these fashion tricks to give your height a boost, well actually, the illusion of it

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