Top Reasons to Be Proud of your Curves

Top Reasons to Be Proud of your Curves


Whether you see the paintings on walls of ancient Indian temples or the Indian sex bible Kamasutra- everywhere women are described and drawn with curvaceous and voluptuous figures. Curvy does not mean obese. Women with curves have higher hip to waist ratio. Saturated fats and unhealthy carbohydrates stored in the body only lead to pot bellies and love handles, which can be a turn-off, at times. But, Indian women are well-endowed with natural curves, which mean they have fuller hips, busts and thighs compared to their waists. Well, take a look at some reasons of why you should flaunt those daring arcs, proudly.

Bollywood's take on curves

Bollywood is moving fast towards the trend of preferring full bodied women over the size zero ones. Be it Vidya Balan or Sonakshi Sinha – both actresses are busy bagging meaty roles with their meaty figure. Sonakshi Sinha has said that “Indian men prefer women who are curvy.” Even actress Priyanka Chopra has gone on record to say that "Indian women are blessed with voluptuous bodies and are meant to be that way."
Well, if these women believe so then who are we to disagree, because Indian men can never get enough of these divas and their gorgeous curves.


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Indian attire looks best on curvy figure

Indian dresses like saris and suits look best on women with curvaceous bodies. Even the choli or the blouse looks more complimenting on a good bust line. Skinny bodies would look even more slender when dressed up in Indian wear. So, women with fuller figure always have an upper hand when it comes to chic Indian wear.

Women with curves are healthier

Having a curvaceous figure has a few health benefits as well. Studies have shown that those with wider hips are better protected against risks of coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular disease, compared to their slimmer counterparts. Some websites and studies have also said that curves are a sign of youth and fertility. Right proportions and right weight also contribute to naturally glowing skin as well. So, before you start squeezing yourself down to that size zero, think again.


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Curves stand for feminine qualities

Men like curvy women as they like something ‘to grab’. Dr. Viren Swami, a renowned psychologist from University of Westmister, London, has said that “Body size appears to be an important signal of both physical and psychological maturity.” Men subconsciously believe that women with curves and fuller figure will be more mature in personality and will be able to handle any crisis better. Well, guess that is why, the thinking man’s sex symbol, Bollywood beauty Chitrangada Singh, has proudly said, "I love my curves... that's what makes you a woman."

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Studies have also revealed that women with curves are more intelligent than their skinnier counterparts. Women with curves are considered more career oriented than beauty. It gives a slight advantage as men are also intimidated by such women.


Curvy women are strong, bold, smarter and attractive. So, women no need to run away from your curves or hate your naturally endowed body anymore, especially now that you know that there are too many reason to be proud of it.

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