7 Most Common Makeup Mistakes That Can Make You Look Old


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7 Most Common Makeup Mistakes That Can Make You Look Old

You might have just given up on the chase for undying youth, but your search for looking perpetually young is an entirely different story. Makeup helps you in fulfilling your desire of looking more stunning and attractive.

Unfortunately, over usage or if used in a wrong way it can make you look old.

Gauri Khan in her worst and best make-up look (Image Credit Right: Vogue)

All of us make such beauty blunders at some point, but are unaware of it. Well do not worry, we are here for you, keep scrolling and take a look at some very common makeup mistakes that end up making you look older.

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#1. Applying a thick layer of foundation

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If you put on foundation, layer after layer to hide those fine lines believing that it will make you look prettier, then wait, you are making a mistake here. Excessive foundation unfortunately makes you appear older. The extra foundation nicely settles into the lines and attracts more attention and gives you an aged appearance.

Another most important point to remember is to never get your foundation base too light. If you go in for a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, then there is a possibility that the foundation would settle around the fine lines, in turn exaggerating them. Try to go for a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone if you do not want people to quiz about your age.

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#2. Skipping primer

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Primer, as the name says, should never be skipped as it gives your face a smooth and silky texture by filling all those lines and helps your makeup stay o. Always opt for a cream or liquid primer as the powder can give your skin a saggy look.

#3. Wearing dark mascara and eyeliner on the lower lashes and lids

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Using a dark pencil on the lower lids or wearing dark mascara on the lower lashes will bring out crow feet and dark under-eye circles; making your eye look smaller. You should always opt for a light, soft pencil rather than liquid liners, which can be quite heavy on your skin and waterline.

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#4. Coating the lips in dark shades

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Applying a very dark or harsh shade of lip colour may make your lips appear thinner than they are, but in return this numbers to your face's age. Even a dark lip liner (which is out of fashion by the way) can destroy your appearance.

#5. Applying blush the wrong way

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Are you applying rouge to the apples of your cheeks? Yes! Then you are just adding 10 years of age to your face. This way of applying blush makes the lines on your skin more prominent and make them appear droopy. Also the powder blush is a strict no-no as they again settle down into the thin lines; so it is always better to go for the liquid one.

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#6. Overloading shimmer

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If you wear too much shimmer, then it will make the lines very noticeable and your eye will look crumpled. Rather a matte shadow will give a very striking look to your eyes.

#7. Hiding dark circle behind heavy concealer

Dark circles are every woman’s nightmare, but that does not mean that you will go out scaring other people with that terrifying concealer trick. Often, a few women commit the cardinal sin of covering up their dark circles with a heavy layer of concealer, which ends up with ghostly results. In order to do away with those thick lines, apply light concealer base with the help of a brush.

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Are you guilt-ridden by committing these beauty blunders? You always have time to improve your makeup skills and look prettier everyday. A natural makeup (not too much over do) and a confident you, can rock any place they go!