7 Hottest Trends In Engagement Rings Right Now


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7 Hottest Trends In Engagement Rings Right Now

An engagement ring is symbolic of eternal love and faith of a couple towards each other. It expresses the commitment of each partner in the relationship to stay united forever. As the engagement ring holds such an immense significance in every couple’s relationship, it deserves to be one of the most beautiful things that they exchange with each other. But, choosing a engagement ring can be quite a difficult task since you might not be certain about your partner’s preferences. However, a little research on the latest trends in the market can get you away from this problem quite easily.

To simplify the things for you, here is a list of some of the best engagement ring designs that are widely popular these days:

#1. Asscher cut diamond rings

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The ring adorned with impeccable ‘Asscher Cut Diamond’ creates one of the most appealing engagement rings. The diamond is usually square in shape and possesses a step cut that comes along with cropped corners, which gives it a multi-dimensional look. Having been into existence since early 1990s, the vintage asscher cut diamond creates a stunning style statement when clubbed with contemporary ring designs. It has adorned the fingers of quite a few celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, to name a few

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#2. Flat band wedding rings 

A contemporary take on the classic domed ring, ‘Flat Band’ is another style that is very popular these days among the soon-to-be married couples. They possess squared off sides, which give them a modern and sleek look. They also come in various widths and metals. Interesting cuts and engravings can elevate the look of these rings.

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#3. Domed rings

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Domed rings are the classic choice for those who give as much importance to comfort, as they do give to the appearance of the ring. This is because the inner side of these rings is slightly domed so as to make it a comfy experience for the one wearing it. The simplistic design is not too heavy and is also perfect for those who are not fans of anything that is too flashy. They are available in a variety of metals and come in widths to support various finger shapes.  

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#4. Coloured stone rings

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The coloured stone rings were made popular by William and Kate during their royal wedding in 2012. You can choose from a selection of canary diamonds, blue sapphires, or pink diamonds, which can be incorporated in your engagement bands.

If you want to opt for a more modern twist, you can choose a four-prong or tension-setting ring (see the below images). These types of ring help to highlight the stone for maximum effect.

Image Courtesy: via, Four-prong ring (left); tension-setting ring (right)  

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#5. Puzzle wedding rings

This style of engagement rings exhibit great craftsmanship and its experimental look is finding fans among the current crop of couples who are about to get married. Puzzle rings can be hand woven and crafted individually to suit your tastes and preferences. While these rings can be a little on the bulkier side due to the intricate design, they sure do make a statement that will definitely not go unnoticed on your wedding day.

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#6. Platinum rings

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This silver-coloured metal is one of the most valuable and precious metals. This is a perfect choice for couples who want a durable metal that is more valuable than white gold. While it can be prone to scratches, they can be buffed out quite easily.

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#7. Three-Stone Ring

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These rings are more expensive than the solitaires. Each stone symbolises the past, present and future of the couple’s togetherness aptly. They usually feature two smaller stones which act as supporting pieces to the main diamond in the centre. They are glamorous and can also add the necessary sparkle on your big day. There are some jewellery retailers that even allow you to choose the cut and size of each stone in addition to the clarity and carat. 

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We know that choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting experience. Due to the huge variety of metals, gems, colours, designs etc., many of you can get confused. However, awareness of what is best in the market, can help you to express your love to your partner in the best possible way. So, pick any of the popular engagement ring designs mentioned above, as you embark on a new journey with your better half. 

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