7 Creative Ways To Make Kaliras A Part Of Your Wedding Decor


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7 Creative Ways To Make Kaliras A Part Of Your Wedding Decor

Any wedding is incomplete without the wedding décor. These days, people are paying a lot of attention to the wedding décor and also trying to add those little elements that can stand out! The only thing that comes to our mind is how to have an effortlessly beautiful wedding decor without playing havoc with the budget.

The answer is here! We have an amazing way to add a unique element to your wedding, without spending a bomb on it, use Kaliras for wedding décor.

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Kaliras are no more restricted to the bridal accessory. They are delicate, beautiful and perfect for Indian wedding décor. They are inexpensive, look immensely beautiful and can take the element of fun to a notch higher. Here are 7 fun and unique ways to use kaliras in your wedding décor!

#1. Kaliras on phoolon ki chaadar

Adding kaliras to phoolon ki chaadar is a great idea to add that fun element for the dhamakedar entry of the bride. Take a hint from this phoolon ki chaadar!

#2. Kaliras as hangings along with flowers

Kaliras can magically transform your wedding décor and take it a notch higher. You can add kaliras as hangings or trinkets at your wedding venue, and also as phoolmala extensions, like the above picture.

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#3. Kaliras for mandap decoration

Mandap decoration is an important part of wedding décor that cannot be ignored. The actual wedding rituals happen in the mandap and it need to look perfect! Add a little bling to your mandap décor by adding kaliras along with flowers and colorful flowy fabrics.

#4. Kaliras to make a big chandelier

Look at this stunning chandelier made out of kaliras. This big chandelier is surely going to grab many eyeballs, a perfect décor for your mehendi. You can hang this chandelier right above where you will be sitting to get your mehendi done.

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#5. Kaliras to decorate the engagement thali

Kaliras are super-versatile and can be hanged anywhere to add that charm. Why not use it to decorate the engagement thali? Take a cue from this picture, how beautiful are the kaliras looking, hanging from the thali, enhancing its beauty!

#6. Kaliras to decorate jhoola for the mehendi ceremony

Jhoolas looks so pretty and traditional, especially for an outdoor ceremony like mehendi or sangeet. Why not decorate your jhoola with flowers and kaliras?

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#7. Kaliras to make a canopy

When it comes to wedding décor, flower canopies are very much in trend. How about giving those flower canopies a new twist by adding kaliras as trinkets. Make the canopy look more attractive with kaliras.

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With these amazing décor ideas in hand, don’t forget to make kaliras a part of your band, baaja and baraat! Decorate every nook and corner of your wedding venue with these charming trinkets and see everyone complimenting you for being so creative! 

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