7 Budget Friendly Ideas To Make Your Wedding Fun For Kids


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7 Budget Friendly Ideas To Make Your Wedding Fun For Kids

So, you have planned everything for your wedding, from the seat arrangements, to take-away gifts, the DJ and all. But, have you planned anything for the little kids who are going to be present at your wedding? If not, then well, you should. Kids are insanely adorable but they are highly unpredictable too. Their mood changes within seconds. Just when it seems that the kids are enjoying the ceremonies and are happy, the next moment you hear them crying their hearts out and creating mayhem.

That is why it is always better to make some arrangements to keep them entertained and joyful so that not only them, but even their parents and other guests can enjoy the wedding. Here are some pointers to make your wedding a kids-friendly one.

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#1. Make sure you have a kids special menu

Kids are fussy eaters and for most of the parents, making their tiny tot eat at weddings is one tedious task. So, why not offer a kid-friendly menu at the wedding and make their mealtime a fun time! Kids will happily gobble down burgers, mini pizzas, pasta, doughnuts, finger chips, noodles or any such thing in minutes, that too without any problem.

#2. Try to involve them in your wedding

GIF via Giphy

GIF via Giphy

Try to include all those little kiddies, children of your sisters/brothers, uncles and aunties in your wedding ceremonies. Make them flower girl/boy or ask them to carry placards saying ‘here comes the bride/groom’, just try to give them some responsibility. Giving them a job will help them stay active and energised. And, they will feel special too; a feeling that every kid loves.

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#3. Hire a cartoon character

Kids love cartoons, especially superheroes like Batman, Chota Bheem and Spiderman. So, having such heroes in your wedding will definitely make the kids cheerful. After all, who will not love to meet and greet their heroes! They can even distribute some goodies or chocolates among kids.

Image: Heyy Babyy

Image: Heyy Babyy

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#4. Plan a kid’s corner

Whether you are having an indoor wedding or an outdoor one, you can always use some space for a kid’s corner.

You can then hire a tattoo artist, face-painting artist, a caricaturist, a magician, balloon artist or put up a puppet show to entertain the little ones. That sure will be fun!

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#5. Prepare activity bags

Kids get cranky very soon and managing them at that point of time becomes difficult for every parent. Hence, distract the kids by placing activity bags on their table. You can put some fun games, colouring books or even puzzles to keep them busy. Their parents will definitely appreciate this gesture.

#6. Get them to the dance floor

GIF via Tumblr

GIF via Tumblr

Let the kids take over the dance floor for some time. If you want, you can even have a dance off contest. Do mention about the ‘kids only’ dance to your DJ beforehand so that they can alter the playlist accordingly.

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#7. Book some rooms for them at your wedding venue

Image: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Image: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

By the time of your pheras, the little ones doze off either on their parents’ lap or on the sofas. That is why it is always a good idea to book some rooms for them so that all the kids can sleep properly. Also, you can hire a nanny to keep an eye on them. This way even the parents will be able enjoy the ceremony with a relaxed mind (well, somewhat)!

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Follow these ideas and make your wedding an enjoyable affair for the kids too. And, we are sure their parents will love you and thank you for entertaining their kids and making them feel special. So, choose the ideas according to your budget and make your marriage a happy occasion for everyone, in the true sense.