7 Fantastic Ideas For Indian Couples To Add A Romantic Touch To Their Wedding Celebrations


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7 Fantastic Ideas For Indian Couples To Add A Romantic Touch To Their Wedding Celebrations

Apart from lots of laughter, fun and happiness, wedding celebrations are also full of a beautiful emotion called love. And, why not? After all, a wedding marks the union of two souls, who are deeply in love with each other. Needless to say, it simply makes the aura of all the wedding functions truly surreal.

Well, we are sure all our soon-to-be married friends might have made every possible effort to make all their wedding celebrations full of fun. But, how about adding an additional element of romance in them as well? And, if you are wondering how to do that, then check out these awesome ideas that we have for you.

#1. Dramatic ‘save the date’ cards

Image Courtesy: Bellissima Kids

Image Courtesy: Bollywood Posters Studio

For movie lovers, nothing can define romance better than Bollywood romantic movies. So, if you are one of those, then why not go for a Bollywood-themed ‘save the date’ card. So, pick your favourite romantic movie’s poster and feature in the same yourself.

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#2. A love-filled pre-wedding shoot

Image Courtesy: Candid Tales

You know that your partner belongs just to you. But, would it not be super-romantic to say it out loud through your pre-wedding shoot? So, choose a vintage location and pose together to increase the love-quotient in your wedding celebrations.

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#3. Heart-shaped accessories for wedding décor  

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You can hang strings of heart-shaped paper cut-outs at the wedding venue, which will look even more surreal when they sway with the wind. You can also use a big heart made of red roses as the background for your photo shoot. After all, nothing can be more romantic than a combination of red roses and a big heart, right?

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#4. Heart-warming guest book

Image Courtesy: Rooted In Love

Originally a western concept, having a guest book in the weddings is becoming popular in India as well. So, you can add a bit of romance to this as well in your wedding. You can keep heart-shaped cut-outs in a box and ask your guests to write their wishes on them. It will not only make your wedding day more romantic, but will remain with you as a beautiful memory forever.

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#5. Love note handkerchiefs

Image Courtesy: A Style Collective

A wedding is incomplete without the tears of joy as well as sadness. And, how about making even those tearful romantic by providing hankies that have love notes written on them to all your relatives and friends? It will simply add an ‘aww’ factor in your wedding.

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#6. Love message desserts

Image Courtesy: Etsy

Image Courtesy: Etsy (left), Bridal Cookie (right)

You can also have sweet love notes on your wedding desserts. If not notes, then romantic figurines on your wedding cake, love toppers on cupcakes, a ‘thank you’ note on the desserts, etc., will simply make your celebrations all the more romantic!

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#7. Wish lanterns

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In a lot of Asian weddings, the ritual of releasing flying lanterns is followed as it is considered lucky for the newlyweds. In addition, it looks absolutely stunning. You too can follow this ritual to give a dreamy look to the ceremony. And, you can ask your guests to write their good wishes on the lanterns before releasing them, to add more emotional touch.

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So, go ahead and make your wedding celebrations absolutely romantic by incorporating any of these ideas. Needless to say, adding these small things to your wedding will make it stay in the hearts of your guest for the years to come!