7 Amazing Time-Saving Wedding Planning Secrets For Busy Brides


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7 Amazing Time-Saving Wedding Planning Secrets For Busy Brides

You have always fantasised about a dream wedding. However, when the time actually dawns, you are too caught up with your career to have time to arrange all the things that you have always wanted in your wedding.

Well, there are ways you can juggle your career and wedding preparations. All you need to do is manage your time. So brush up your multitasking skills, as we reveal some time-saving wedding planning tricks for you.

#1. Use commuting time

If you use public transport or if a company vehicle picks you up, use the time to focus on planning for your wedding. Jot down the list of to-do things.

Plug in your earphones and listen to different tracks so that you can choose the ones you want for your wedding. Browse the Internet to get addresses of different vendors. In fact, you can also set up an appointment for beauty treatments online. Make good use of your free commute time.

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#2. Make use of your smartphone

Now is the correct time to use the "smartness" of your smart gadgets. Download a wedding planning app on your phone, and use that to plan your wedding.

Many wedding planning apps are available in India for all kind of smartphones. Just download one or more app that suits your needs the best, and make full use of it to plan your wedding without stressing yourself.

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#3. Delegate

Do not try to do everything by yourself. Form a group of friends or family members who are willing to share the responsibility.

Distribute responsibilities in order to ensure that things get done on time. Keep track of all the developments regularly so that you can mend any problems, which might come up, without delay.

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#4. Always write it down

Always keep a notepad with you or use your smartphone applications to make a list of the things that you need. Whenever an idea pops into your head, note it down.

During weekends or whenever you are free, go through the list and get organised.

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#5. No last moment preparations

Do not postpone anything to the last moment. Be it shopping, printing invitations or visiting the tailor, begin from the moment your wedding date is set.

The sooner you begin; more will be the time you get to arrange all things before your wedding.

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#6. Keep a tab on your fitness

As the weding day drives closer, put in as much physical activity as you possibly can. If you cannot find time to hit the gym, use stairs instead of the elevator. Walk as much as possible, and keep a close watch on your diet. What's more? Look for smart ways to amp-up your fitness levels.

For instance, replace your chair with an exercise ball, use a part of your lunch time to meditate, etc. The pre-wedding celebrations are full of sweetmeats and you cannot really say no to every well-wisher who greets you with a ghee-laden ladoos.

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#7. Beauty at home

Clean, tone and moisturise your skin every day in the morning and before going to bed.

Twice a week, use a mild scrub to clean the dead cells on the skin. Use a powerful sunscreen when you are out in the sun. Whenever possible, use homemade natural face packs for the natural glow.

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You cannot add extra hours to your day, but you can get more work done within the available hours. It all depends on how smartly and carefully you can plan the things. So get to work busy brides-to-be!



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