5 Customised Packing Ideas For Your Wedding Gifts


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5 Customised Packing Ideas For Your Wedding Gifts

Indian weddings are all about pomp and show, where everything is presented in a beautiful manner. With weddings come lots of gifts. The packing of the gift is just as important as the present itself. Presentation is the key to make a good impression on the recipient. We bring to you the most upcoming trends in wedding gifts packaging, which you can use to impress your relatives with.

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#1. Personalised satin ribbon

A simple ribbon in gift packaging can also be tied up in a beautiful manner. A satin ribbon with your name printed on it brings a unique way of presenting the gift. Such ribbona are easily customisable nowadays and they bring a uniqueness in the gifts. There are many gifts to be given from the bride’s family to the groom’s family and vice versa. The joy of receiving even a simple gift multiplies if it comes in beautiful packaging.

#2. Food and goodies hamper

When thinking of giving a gift to someone we all think of dresses, jewellery and cash. But, giving a food item to your loved ones is the upcoming trend as it is useful for everyone and would be liked by all. You can choose among a volley of magnificent food gifting hampers. Take your pick between exotic sweets, chocolates, cheese, wine, tea, coffee, platters and mugs, spices, fruits and snacks, and treat a loved one with absolute royalty. You can either choose from a careful selection of the best products or if you’re feeling creative, you could customise the hamper to suit your palette and create your own unique gift!​

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#3. Wrapping paper

Beautiful gift-wrapping can happen at home at the lowest cost. One of the idea is to wrap the gift with simple brown paper that is easily available in any shop and then again wrap it with patch of the printed paper sheet and finally a matching ribbon on it. This makes the gift-wrapping unique and will make a lasting impression on the receiver. You could also get your wrapping paper customised with your initials on it.

#4. Wedding baskets

An easy option for a unique gift is to just buy a beautiful wedding basket from the market. These are easily available in any shop. Put in your gifts in these wedding baskets and you are all set. These can be used to pack multiple gifts.

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#5. Wedding boxes

A wonderful gift needs a beautiful box to present it beautifully. It is nothing but a value enhancement for the gift. Printable gift boxes and bags are available online; they provide the template to create your own gift boxes. There are different templates available like heart box, cube box, pillow gift box and a lot more.

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Everyone loves to receive gifts that are nicely packed. Give your gifts a unique creative twist with these amazing ideas and make them memorable for those who receive it.