This Hilarious Yet Smart Wedding Card Has Taken The Internet World By Storm


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This Hilarious Yet Smart Wedding Card Has Taken The Internet World By Storm

Organising a wedding is no small feat. In fact, it is a serious business. The minute the proposal has been put forward, it is time to get on your toes! You have to start visiting numerous halls, decide on a caterer, shop for lehengas and what not, and, lest we forget, design and send out wedding invites.

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We all know how our parents love sending cards to each relative, regardless of the fact that they live on a separate continent, and you and your beau have never even met them. Invites have to be sent to every one!

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Once that is done, you secretly start hoping that your annoying third cousin, who comes to weddings just for the food, does not make it. Or, that old uncle who will grab you, sit you down and lecture you for hours on the education system or some other drab topic, doesn’t arrive either.

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Well, you might just get lucky. It looks like people are getting creative when it comes to wedding invites nowadays. Not everyone sends invitation cards out by the dozen!

While some people go over the top with frills and lace, others go cinematic with printed pictures on their invites. But not this couple! Now, nobody can confirm whether this invite is a legit thing, but it has everyone’s attention!

Take a look:

The card slyly says that you do not really have to be present at the venue to bless the couple.

Paytm exists for a reason! It also says, as you can see, that if you are worried about missing the sweets being served at the function, you can order from the nearest Haldiram’s outlet, and eat in the comfort of your homes!

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So no unnecessary guests taking up precious space, no one complaining about having traveled all the way from Timbuktu!

Talk about being one smart cookie.

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We think that this is a super clever idea, don’t you? By issuing such an invite, nobody will feel obligated to make it to your wedding and it will provide everyone with a good laugh, too. Your wedding invite will become the talk of the town!

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It sure looks like there is no end to creativity! If you have heard of any other such invites that are offbeat, we’d love to see them or hear about them! Let us know about them in the comments below.

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