6 Wedding Updates Made By Brides On Social Media That Annoy Everyone In Their Friend List


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6 Wedding Updates Made By Brides On Social Media That Annoy Everyone In Their Friend List

We certainly get it that you are engaged and due to get married pretty soon, but do you know there is a very thin line between sharing this extremely happy news vs. literally annoying your so-called social media ‘friends’ with every little detail about it?

To prevent you from embarrassing yourself, we have compiled a few social media updates most brides make. These have costed them their friendships in the virtual world. Find out how you can avoid facing sarcasm and being unfollowed and unfriended on various social media platforms you decide to announce your wedding news and other updates on!

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#1. Broadcasting your engagement or wedding ring

Boy oh boy! Some of you brides go overboard with posting photographs and selfies and to top it all, deliberately make sure that your engagement ring is in focus!

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Sure, people in your friend list are happy for you, but the bling on your finger hurts their eyes every now and then. Keep this merry feeling to yourself lest you will be made fun of for being a brat!

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#2. Countdown to the wedding – only 365 days left for my wedding

You make yourself the butt of all jokes by giving everyone an update about the ‘days left for you to be actually married to the love of your life’! What is even more awful is that you are announcing your excitement to people you barely even know.

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For instance strangers you befriended or your colleagues from current and previous workplace(s). They surely do not want to know about your life events in great details!

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#3. Creating an Event page for your Wedding

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Wow! True that we are living in a digital age, but then do not go overboard by creating a digital wedding invite through an event page on social media! Instead go for websites that let you create personalised wedding websites, create photo galleries and send invites and receive RSVPs!

These websites also enable you to share your wedding details only with a closed group of people. And, so you save yourself from the embarrassment of giving your entire friend list a peek into your wedding, without them asking for it.

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#4. Changing your marital status the day you get married

This is an alarm for those brides who do not have a life outside the virtual world! We suggest that you take a hiatus from Facebook on your wedding day.

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Immerse yourself in the energy during the wedding day and even after it! You will be welcomed by your in-laws… so get to know them, have a chat with them, and spend time with them instead of making updates about your new marital status! And hey girl, it is time you set your priorities straight because the virtual world can wait!

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#5. Live honeymoon photo feed

Some newlywed brides take it upon themselves to keep everyone updated about their honeymoon destination. They constantly upload and tweet selfies and photographs with even more annoying hashtags! This totally leaves many in splits and annoys them out of their wits! We think you should just enjoy your honeymoon, girls!!

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We do not want to see your photo blog, but definitely hear the stories after you are back! ;) Besides, do take photographs and keep it to yourself or post one or two if you cannot resist the temptation!

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#6. Wedding photo as a profile pic for months in a row

Although you updating your wedding photographs as your profile pics, week-after-week or month-after-month is not as annoying as wedding updates, but it raises an alarm in our minds.

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It is a telling sign that this wedding was the only important thing to have ever happened to you (which might be true!), but think again! Is there nothing else that defines who you are?

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We hope these words of wisdom do you all the good it can on social media. And for the rest of you who are single and unmarried, do not forget to feed us on the annoying social media updates made by brides that we may have missed out on!